IMO Monster Touch screen


Monster Touch screen

Monster touch will be an additional screen for you if you need it for your laptop or computer. This touch screen would do magic for some consumers who love big sized screen. Priced at $259 this monster has 10 inches screen with high resolution and contrast.


The screen has in built ports for giving two USB connections. The mouse is located inside the screen and the entire touch screen is its plus point.


It looks bigger when compared with mobile phones. The software technology should be improved.


IMO Monster is the touch screen for your computer or laptop. It includes two USB ports, a CD drive with the big touch screen. The unit looks bigger and the outer case is prepared using plastic. On the rear side, a hatch is found which can be used for concealing USB cables and can be utilized for stand. The screen looks bulky and is good looking in my view. Just connect it with your computer for using it. In order to unlock the hatch you have to lift the screen each time.

Apart from USB port there is a couple of another 2 USB panel found on the rear side of this touch screen. The company has rewarded these additional ports for the user generously.

The touch screen has enough brightness for seeing the quality of the picture. It can improve its sharpness moderately for yielding a better picture. The settings can be adjusted by a switch found below the hatch. The process of installation of USB with the help of drive was easy and clear. After that you have to standardize the screen by pressing some points. In my opinion, the software for calibration was very old modeled and slow in function. The function is nil almost. You cannot access any function or operation with this Monster touch screen. It is difficult in input the touch functions to a device for copying the mouse functions for its operation. They have messed up something like that in this screen. If you want to have a mouse, you just touch the Monster, and the mouse is ready with you in your finger.

In this device, you cannot scroll the pages, or you cannot do right click also. Absolutely no gesture is possible with this big screen. Of course you can make it in the mouse. It could have been better if the touch screen has functionalities for performing various operations. The screen is just an additional screen and you cannot expect something more. You can add your contact list from Skype or any other multi media channel.

The Monster with its touch screen is really solid and priced for $260. You can purchase an extra screen from Amazon for lesser price. But if you want touch functions, and USB port then think of Monster.

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