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There are thousands of freelance jobs that the market wants to hire freelancers for, and seems like every day a new niche appears ( blog posters about marketing tactics about seo marketing etc etc). Whether you are doing an unproductive job, or you are doing something that has proven to be useful for your client, there is always cheap work for the beginners, and good pay for the experts in each niche.


Today i will enlist you the jobs that you will find common out there in the freelancing world, will give you advice how to get in them & get expertise in them, and give you a good list of freelance websites so you can apply and get ready for work.

So our first niche is:

1 – Article Writer

There are so many article writers online that it isn’t even funny. But what is fair that there are so many bad and incompetent ones that there is a good space for the good ones to get in and get the majority of the work.

Freelancing article writers can be asked to write from erotic literature for the pervies to elevated academic discussion about some advanced research topics ( for example, a paper on some chemistry discussion ). It is my job right now ( i am freelancing for the owner of this website ).

It is a great job to get in because it makes you learn new things every day (so you are able to write content on the subject you need to write on). It teaches you correct grammar and typing (though you should have done this before starting article writing, period ). And the money is very good too if you are creative enough.

2 – Data Entry Clerk

Data entry clerks are people that write manually for people and companies. It is considered the hardest and lowest paying job in the freelancing world (compare it to a web developer’s 300$ per small web application which consists in 2000 lines lol). I do not desire to insult the data entry experts out there, but i consider it a work at home mom job, and i can’t consider it as important as other proffesions because it requires nothing but copy typing.

A smart data entry clerk i think would like to automatize most of his tasks (for example using an OCR software to read PDF’s instead of writing them manually). It is a desk job anyway, so i can’t say much bad about it, though a new freelancer will definitely want to start with something more creative like article writing.

3 – Web Developer / Designer

There are a lot of us in this field and this is like programming for us. I bet each one of us love to create web applications, and love to make new shiny websites out of a single line of code.

If we had a scale for most fun freelance job, my vote would go for this one because you always have the opportunity to do something creative, something clever in the code, change something into better and watch your product generate a nice income.

Me myself, being the heavy logical guy, love these moments in web development where you have to solve a complex problem in a short amount of time (it’s like a mind challenge from a newspaper). The sense of pride and confidence from problem solving plus that, me being a nerd at heart, building some complex structure out of thin air gives me great satisfaction, hence my love for web development.

The designers are the guys that create mock-ups, dress the websites, create new ones from scratch for companies, and basically help companies and websites get the attention of users by good looks. Web design is the dress to a website, and obviously, a pretty dress will attract much much more attention than an ugly one.

4 – SEO Expert

These are the guys that get your stuff heard on the internet, get your website rating good on the search engines, make you the first or second result on search engines for your keyword, get people to  write you keyword rich, original, good content to raise your website reputation, and generally are there to optimize your search engine ranking.

There are white hat (good) and black hat methods on doing SEO, but whatever the technique is, i guess there will be a long time with plenty work for Search Engine Optimization experts.

And talking about promoting….

5 – Online Marketers

You know the salesman that comes in your door, makes some funny jokes, gets close to your heart, and charms you? Well, these guys are the online equivalent of that, only that they weigh more and are not charming at all ( but the things they do are charming enough to get you a huge flow of visitors and possible clients)

These guys create beautiful marketing ads, find ideas on how to attract more users to your website, create a huge network of people that they keep contact with, and socialize daily.

They are basically like the popular guy in the high school that can score you some weed or some skeezy girl if you have enough cash on you. They are the top guys in the Internet, and maintaining their status will mean that they will  keep finding guys like you who need to spread their word to others. And that’s why they are actually maintaining such big circles, because in the internet world, people do mean some money or leads.

I have enlisted the important niches in the freelancing world, and now as i promise, i will enlist my favorite freelancing websites:

With a live feed and notification support, you will be able to see new jobs without having to refresh / load any page, and the competitiveness will keep you on your best game always.

Getting good reviews and making a good portofolio with a good rating, will mean that you will get a good supply of money from here. One of the top freelancing websites. Highly recommend it.

Odesk may not be as active looking and fast paced as, but i have got very very good jobs from it, and it’s categorized job listing is ideal for freelancers that want to switch between different categories of jobs to see which ones are new and a good opportunity. Highly recommended too.

Thank you Countless Keep reading!

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