Top 5 WordPress Theme Builders To Checkout In 2013


Theme builders allow you to, as you may have guessed, build a theme. Themes are the most important part of any WordPress web site, even second to the content itself. After all, a bad theme means that even if you wrote the world’s most important piece of information, no one is going to want to even attempt navigating the mess you have made which houses it. theme builders are an integral part of any WordPress user’s web site experience. This is why for 2013, we have compiled a list of the top five to check out and play with before settling for just one.
For a while now, Themefuse has been one of the top used theme builders. The reason is simple; they offer more options than most, and are more easily accessible than many. Themefuse gets a spot in our top 5 because it makes theme building easy, but also, if you want to, it allows you to get down and dirty and mess with the underlying codes of things, eliminating limitations almost entirely.

Drag and Drop Builder Plug In
Elegant Themes make some of the best themes on WordPress to date. Now, they also make possibly the best theme builder to date as well. The Drag and Drop Builder is very simple to use; it allows you to drag, and drip, bits and pieces of your theme to put them any place that you desire. This offers you more customizability than you may have ever had before, and can be used with existing themes.

Ultimatum WordPress
Ultimatum is an up and comer, but they are one of the strongest offerings for WordPress theme builders already. With unbridled customization depth, allowing you to make literally anything that you want out of your theme, Ultimatum is not only fun to mess around with, but it is also very easy to get the hang of, as there are tons of tutorials currently being offered for it.

Another drag and drop offering that makes theme building a cinch, PageLines is one of the most popular offerings for picking up pieces and putting them where you think they should go. With just as many features as Drag and Drop Builder Plug In, this theme builder deserves its place simply because it is one of the most user friendly theme builders currently offered to date. The best part is that you can even use PageLines on your smart phone or your tablet device.

Because it is as much fun to use as it is to play with, Lubith gets the final spot. While Lubith is not one of the biggest wigs in theme building, they have a very strong offering. It is colorful, well thought out and implemented in a way that means even the least knowledgeable WordPress user can get their theme build just the way that they want it, without having to deal with any severe hiccups along the way.

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