3 Hot Gadgets to Buy


3 Hot Gadgets to Buy

The following includes 3 really hot gadgets that one just has to have. Gadgets like Motorola Atrix and Apple iPad 2. When it comes to comparing the gadgets it is almost impossible because each and every one of them almost belongs to a separate category. As it is a fact that they are all electronics they fall in the, 5 gadgets that one must buy, category.

iPad 2

3 Hot Gadgets to Buy

As two of the products in this list have already been written so let us start with them. First comes the almost everyone’s favorite iPad 2, an amazing product by the guys at Apple. Compared to the former i.e iPad 1, this one is considerably thinner and takes pride showing of its 2 cameras, one at the front and the other located on the backside of the slim pad. The processing is really fast and this aids its one of many important features a lot, the feature being real time real time video chatting. Also the 3G option for both the  AT&T and the Verizon add a lot in the offering box. That all sounds pretty good but on the other hand users complain that the display resolution has not dislodge and with that the picture quality of this device is not up to the standards as it should be considering its price. Another major drawback which is to be noticed by Apple once again is that the pad still does not support Adobe Flash. Adding to all that the ports dedicated to the USB, HDMI and the SD, all of them have need of an adapter to work. So before buying this product one must also look at the positives like its user friendly interface and huge number of available apps and a battery life reinforcement guaranteed by Apple themselves.

Motorola Atrix 4G

3 Hot Gadgets to Buy

Coming to the next product, which the good and new, the Motorola Atrix 4G. This device has a dual core processor installed and along with it gives a fine qHD (quarter High Definition) image. The OS is Android 2.2 based so that makes it a smart phone having  a glossy look and a 5 mp (mega pixel) camera which is located at the front side facing the user for self photo shoot or video conferences, Atrix also comes with an HDMI port. However, there is no HD 1080 pixel video playing or recording at start and no 3rd part app for that. The set also does not makes up to the speeds of a 4G. peeds. Still the speed is pretty good and in short the smart phone has a lot on the offering table.

Roku XDS

3 Hot Gadgets to Buy

Finally comes the Roku XDS media streamer. The product is highly affordable and can stream 100 plus internet video/audio services. It is compatible with nearly every TV and has a Wi-Fi. It also supports HD on streams providing HD however some cheap blu-ray players also offer same functionality and features. There is no access to PC or USB media but over all the product is affordable and packs in features that make it a considerable product.

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