MS X box 360 Pro, Gamin Station


MS X box 360 Pro, Gamin Station

There are 3 types of Xbox 360 arcade, pro and elite. As the concern is regarding to pro, it can be said that it is one of the best and top gaming stations available in the gaming markets world wide. The Microsoft Xbox 360 pro has about 520+ games available on the showcase many of which are record sale reaching games like Halo 3, COD 4, Bio Shock, etc. Pro is coloured dull white and has a chrome disc drawer.

With a 60 GB storing capacity as hard drive, the station also supports Ethernet cables and high quality headphones. This can be connected to a HD TV for better graphics and a bigger screen via its HDMI ports. The station uses ATI Xenon’s 500 MHz GPU and Tri Core 3.2 GHz PPC central processing unit. As for the memory is concerned it has 1mb cache and 512mb RAM a standard of 60 GB storage. The improved graphics and processing speed as compared to former Xbox are vivid. Where a lot has been done in the graphic and visual output corner not much can be said for the sound as it is about similar to previous Xbox. Having a 256 bit, both 2d and 3d graphic acceleration provides gaming graphic experience as never before and is considered to be the best against other competitor gaming stations. Along with 10mb included video memory Xbox 360 Pro 256 GB dedicated to frame buffering. The max display resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels.

With purchase you also get a free 1 month Gold or Silver trial to Xbox membership network. Currently the network contains more than 10 million subscribers and also has a Marketplace from where the games can be rented or bought also software and games can be downloaded too. Other communicative features like forums, chatting, voice and video chatting, user profile pages and also rankings are also available there. Not to mention that they also host multi user playing either solo or as a team. Skill level, country, age, etc can be selected and thus a suitable opponent can be found easily. Both silver and gold versions have the basic features but have significant differences too.

While most of the accessories which were present before with Xbox are still available but this time a lot has been concentrated on wireless technology. Also HDMI and webcam features are new and MS also offers a support system for any problems a gamer might face. 1 year guarantee is given for the product itself plus a 2 year guarantee for the support system. Despite all that many complain that other platforms have many more games available than Xbox does and those are less expensive too. This might sound harsh but it is not fair to the product because it can be rightly said that Xbox has better gaming experience than other similar gaming consoles and the price is therefore justifies. Whatever the gamers of other consoles say the bottom line still remains that this product is so good that it deserves to be placed at the top of the charts and top tens all around the world.

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