Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1


Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Samsung introduces its new galaxy tab. The thinnest tab you can put into your pocket. The tab has 10.1 inches high definition screen which is of course user friendly. The new galaxy comes with 3.0 mega pixel camera at the back side. Add to its beauty there is also 2.0 MP on the front so two lenses. It resembles the other tabs in market because all tabs are the same but the gadget is capable of handling many tasks and that makes it an ideal choice for a user. For those who love to listen music in head phones there is jack on top of tab for 3.5mm. Headphones are not awesome but still good sound and you won’t get upset.

Similar to all hand sets the tab has voice control on its sides, power on upper and for charging and connecting with devices refer to lower side. This is not new nor does it degrade tab’s design. It is rather convenient to have this configuration as most sets have this. Identical to different honeycombs the tab has the same processor that is dual core. It also handles WI-FI and has blue tooth 2.1ab 10.1 is advanced with os of android 3.0 and it is of Google. When you have this kind of processor you should have a good hard drive or space to feed you tab. Obviously without stuff which things you would process. For the same reason Samsung has included 16 GB space for you.

As all honeycombs have same processor the performance is the same as far as tab is concerned. Yes it is capable of multitasking but all tabs do the same. It all comes down to the processor that is installed in the apparatus. It would sound good if the companies decide to introduce new and powerful processor that would have the speed of light. But for now dual core is superb. 10.1 is nearly 17.5 x 25.65 x cm and that is pretty darn slim for a tab. Upon testing the tab battery life lasted for nine hours.

The new galaxy tab comes in different colors. Choose the one you like and its high definition screen makes it vulnerable to watch good quality videos. Tab comes with a display of 1280 x 800 p. seriously speaking it looks like ipad2. The company claims that this model is selling quite tremendously but it did not defeated the seven inch that was unleashed last year. The set has GPS and accelerometer.

Overall the new tab is a decent choice. Because it is the slimmest tab you will be able to find in current market. Also has a good quality camera and it is double sided. Considering the price the new tab is not expensive and is cheap. Having os of Google the 10.1 is capable of performing many tasks and obviously it is touch screen technology. Have good space, comes with WI-FI technology also Bluetooth. Have nice look and a lush black casing would increase its beauty.

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