Nokia 5030 Xpress Radio Cellphone


Nokia 5030 Xpress Radio Cellphone

An old cell phone launched specifically for Asia which is still selling. Still, its not that long ago that Nokia introduced their Xpress Radio 5030. The cell featured an internal antenna and a built in speaker. Thus maybe the first ever Nokia cell phone to have radio without hands free and yet in affordable price. The main features are built to give one and full FM radio experience and that too without the messy headset or hands free.

If the cell is used for the sole purpose of Radio FM then according to users, it is basically a well known fact that it can run for up to 24 hours straight. So in that case no recharge during a whole day. Other than having such an awesome feature, the cell is also very stylish and pleasant to the eyes. Overall the set is mostly black but is available in two types of colors. The basic design is the same but there is a little bordering or shading on the edges of either in grey or red color. The backside has the similar color theme and on the glossy slide are printed the company and model names. The shiny backslide can be removed to insert or replace either battery or SIM in the phone. The battery type is standard BL – 4C model which is easily available in the markets. To charge the battery any thin pinned Nokia charger will do the job easily. These types of chargers are also very easily found in the markets. Although the cell doesn’t require a headset for FM radio, it still can be used with a standard hands-free.

It can even be connected to a PC speaker and then with its radio turned on one can have a blasting music volume. To cover up and protect the charger and headset ports, there is a small flexible plastic lid which can be opened easily by gently pulling it then moving it aside. The built in loud speaker also provides a good sound quality and a volume level greater than standard phones. The cell also comes with a LED torch which is also handy in power outs or searching something in the dark. Torch can be turned on in the settings or just by simply, while unlocked, pressing up key two times, while to turn it off press up again but this time only once.

As the cell is very cheap in price it is bound to lack a few qualities. The paint coating is not scratch resistant and no new themes have been added in the cell software. Also the buttons are very tough and this makes texting quite uncomfortable especially when someone is used to softer buttons or touch screen. Although the button soften after a while of use, but by then you might probably be looking for a new set. Whatever maybe the reason for buying this cell the news flash however, is that if one buys this site he must be either a diehard fan of Nokia or just want to spend a little set that can handle SMS and calls.

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