HP Touchpad (Wi-Fi)


HP Touchpad (Wi-Fi)

Making a remarkable intro into the market the HP pad is the excellent non apple tab. Even apple is surprised to see the new multitasking capability of this touchpad. It is decent and quite good looking. While all the attention was on ipad the hp was off the screen. The pad has lot to offer. Having WI-FI and a screen of 9.7 inches it is expected that the machine will make a rush in the market. With a price of $499 the tablet measures almost 7.5 x 9.5 x 0.6 inches. The company has designed the tablet just like I pad but it is two times thicker. Even LCD is similar, more over the aspect ratio is also same and it is very surprising. There is 1.3 megapixel front facing camera but sorry to say no rear facing.

If you want to plug stuff like head phones, data cable etc, there is room on side ways of the pad. There are stereo speakers on phone but they are not as loud as it is expected by music lover. But the pad is not solely made for music, so lacking these things is not a problem. If the pad gets dirty there is always an option of clean it but good thing is that the cleaning cloth comes free. Also if you want to plug the HP with a wall charger, the company gives sync cable along with apparatus that is the touch pad.

Now dwelling inside the machine, inside HP has Qualcomm dual core 1.2GHZ processor and that is different then the processor used in 3.0 android. Well it is thought that this processor would give a better result that is faster speed. Rather it was astonishingly same both had the same processing speed. The tablet is also equipped with state of the art 2.1 Bluetooth plus EDR. What about operating system? The HP is blessed with web OS version 3.0. Now this is very crucial why? Because having this OS the tablet is capable of handling multitasking to peek. Now users can enjoy the power of switching from one app to another with out any hindrance.

That is not enough if you understand web OS you would be delighted to know that this system allows the user to do multi browsing and OS comes with few tricks under its sleeves. The user can put multiple tabs sideways or one above another. This really enhances the beauty of the pad and makes it susceptible to sell good in the market. If you are a business man or a student making presentations viewing photos would be very exciting because there is web OS at the hand so why not utilize it. So the new PAD makes homework more interesting and less boring.

So what can we conclude about the pad. It is cheap for a tablet has good operating system that can spread chill in the camps of its competitors. With a power of superb multitasking the new HP pad has created quite a talk in the town. Taking the new HP would be decent choice indeed.

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  1. Touchpad is one thing that I am going to buy next. May be this will be the ultimate thing while you are on a car trip and don’t want to take your laptop. Is there any way in new version they will add the touchpad will be compared as the alternative of laptop?

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