Cocktails HD and Drink a Dex and i-Cocktail now on your iPad


Cocktails HD and Drink a Dex and i-Cocktail now on your iPad

Nowadays, various app developers are educating you how to prepare a cocktail or martini. In that venture all the three different apps speak of the same issue of preparing a cocktail.

Cocktail HD is developed by Pocket Cocktails and is priced $5 and is worth buying if you are serious about knowing the varieties of cocktail drinks. This app can be accessed in two forms, landscape or portrait, and gives information on 241 pages which can be read by just flick of your finger. On going through this, you can master anything from making syrup to preparing a grand cocktail.

The app features a pop up screen which gives links to various recipes and methods of preparation. It has a wonderful collection of over 300 cocktails detailing about the method of making it. The catalogs of drinks are sorted out by its type name. You can access all types of drinks by tapping the relevant button. This app also searches for you as you start typing the name of particular drink.

There is also one random tab included in this app which gives you its own random drink with recipe. The 2.0 version of this app also contains information about wine and beer which you can upgrade if you wish.

Cocktails HD would be great app for drink lovers and serious drinkers which provide attractive and easy step by step details of making recipes in the most colorful fashion.

Drink Dex is priced $2 and it is developed by Robert Bushman. This app also can be accessed in two modes, landscape and portrait mode. The portrait mode allows you to view the text in the full screen whereas the landscape mode divides the screen into left side which contains the names of cocktails and if you just touch it then the recipe of the particular cocktail will appear on the right side. Since the portrait mode covers the full screen you can even read the text from distance.

You can add some recipes to your favorite list and mark it with a star. Drink Dex includes a comprehensive list of over 2000 types of recipes for you to browse through and select. You can conveniently scroll through them and pick out a suitable choice of your favorite. This app also searches for you when you start typing a particular name. In other words, this app is easy and simple to follow for anyone. But this app is not enriched with color photos as in Cocktail HD.

I-Cocktail is yet another app in this series with only handful of 35 recipes. This app is stingy in its approach with such a low quantity of recipes. It does not cater to the entire audience by limiting itself to lesser number without providing any other details of making a drink. This app categorizes the drink by its content of alcohol and not by its name. The only way left to you to find a drink is to use the scroll bar and search for it.

The app of i-cocktail is for the person who is not systematic and is fond of knowing quickly the method of making recipes and if you are well organized person with enough knowledge on cocktail then your choice will be either Drink Dex or Cocktail HD.

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