Back Up Or Lose It


It’s going to happen. It’s only a matter of time. Any person who has dealt with computers can tell you eventually, your computer will crash. The only thing more disheartening than hearing your beloved machine has bit the dust are the words well, you have a backup, didn’t you???

You mean to back up.

We all do but somehow it never gets done or at least not as it should be and then when the inevitable crash comes, all your data is lost All your pictures of your child, your pet, your favorite aunt Margret gone to that great data dustbin in the sky. You’re left to rebuild but this time you promise yourself you will back up your data.

Well, fret not, today is the best time in computer history to perform those backups and protect your data against computer malfunction. One of the best and easiest ways to protect your data is doing it online. Online backups are done through the internet to secure locations.

Why online? Well, with other backup systems such as flash drives, external hard drives or cds for those who still use them, the backup is still usually in the same physical location as the computer it is backing up. In case of catastrophic disaster, such as a house fire, the backup will be in the same physical location as the computer it is backing up. Your data is still gone. With an online backup, your data is safely secured in an alternative location that can be remotely accessed from anywhere you have internet access.

It would be impossible in an article of this length to describe all the different online backup companies or to compare services. Fortunately it has been done for you at this site for online backup reviews. This site does side-by-side comparisons of online backup companies, their services and costs. It is handy and saves you some mouse clicks.

Now, that you know you should backup and a method to backup, the next question is what to backup. The easy answer to that is anything that is not easily replaced. This means your photographs, your documents, your music and anything you have created. On, a Windows based system, these can be found in your “My Documents” file unless you have directed them elsewhere.

Now when the disaster hits, you will have a back up to restore all your files and keep you happily computing. Check out the site, find an online company, and do your backups.

This article is written by the author who reads online backup reviews. 

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