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Why Macromedia Fireworks Is The Best Software For Web Design


Macromedia Fireworks is ideal for web designers because you can create application interfaces and prototypes for websites quickly and easily.

This extensive image editing software can be used in conjunction with a range of Adobe software such as Adobe Photosuite, Adobe Dreamweaver and adobe Flash, or it can be used as a standalone product all by itself.

What is Macromedia Fireworks?

Fireworks is a vector graphics editor and bitmap which has been owned by Adobe since 2006. Fireworks allows you to create exceptional, highly optimised graphics for websites, screens and other devices.

What does Macromedia Fireworks do?

Fireworks has incredible graphic and visual design capabilities that are an essential component of any web designers tool kit.

You can create RIA, websites and user interfaces which can be edited in bitmap and vector modes.

Fireworks can be used to create interactive prototypes and wire frames, symbols and states, layers, pages and master pages which are all elements that help speed up the design process exponentially.

You can add images, symbols and text easily and import assets from Illustrator and Photoshop. Once your design is ready you can export files as clickable PDFs for clients.

Fireworks can turn any graphic design job into an interactive web prototype by exporting a multi page or single page PNG file as CSS, HTML and images which can be sent to a client or edited further in Coda, Dreamweaver or whatever code editor you use.

You can use Fireworks in conjunction with photo editing software and it also has an extensive range of export features which are far superior to those offered by competitors.

In addition, the software supports several different formats, allowing for easy smart phone and tablet development. The software is also highly extensible with lots of great extra features like TweetFire, which allows you to tweet what you’re working on instantly without having to leave the software.

Why Should I Choose Macromedia Fireworks?

Fireworks is an essential tool for any web designer with so many versatile features that work as a standalone product and are ideal to use in combination with other Adobe products.

Can I try a Free Version?

If you want to try before you buy then download the free version of Macromedia Fireworks MS from Soft 32, where you can also download a range of Adobe Macromedia products such as Dreamweaver and Flash which are ideal to be used in conjunction with Fireworks.

Soft 32 is a software download site that offers a range of software programs including web design software like Macromedia Fireworks.

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