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I came across a really funny fitness blog two days ago. On a constant struggle to lose weight, I found it incredibly informative and humorous, a true gem among the sea of fitness blogs. Not only could I completely and absolutely relate to the writer, I could see pictures that made me really believe him. I noticed that this particular blogger was very actively replying to all his followers and had one of those blogs that are easy to read yet make you feel smart because you learn something in every post! The layout was super easy on the eyes and the interaction with visitors to the site was fun to read, kind of like spying on people’s weight loss problems and solutions! After some thought, I decided I would write out exactly what people want to see, when they click on a blog.

Easy Access

Some bloggers make their blogs utterly confusing and complicated. Each blog entry has its own confusing drop down menu and the page itself is over cramped with videos, links, images, animation and odd looking search bars. Blogs that are neat and clean are much more fun because they are easy to use and do not require too much decoding on the part of the reader.

Talk To The Hand

Do not tell me what I already know. Blogs that tell me stuff I already know are easily forgotten. A fashion blog that tells me to colour coordinate is not telling me anything new nor does a fitness blog that is telling me to eat healthy! A blogger who discusses his weight loss techniques and uploads recipes and pictures is definitely more likely to get my attention. A fashion blogger that tells me where to find this month’s best sales and cheap designer outfits has definitely got my attention. It is vital for the blog to stand out; ordinary blogs that tell you nothing new are pretty boring, so every blogger needs to put in some research time and make the content useful and interesting.

Constant Updates

If bloggers want more people to read what they have to say, they need to constantly update their content. If you are running a fashion blog, stay updated about the latest fashion weeks and designer lines and update your blog accordingly. Keeping the blog alive makes it more exciting and makes followers want to constantly check up on what you have to say. However there is a line and it needs to be drawn, don’t auto update your twitter feed as I will remove you!

Be A Social Fanatic

No matter what a reader has to say, always reply. The more connected and interactive you are the better. Stay connected on every popular social media networking site and remember to leave obvious requests that make it easy for people to follow your blog. Replying constantly to comments by readers creates great discussions about your blogs and you can gain quite a lot of valuable feedback from these discussions. A lot of comments show up on your reader profiles, making their friends curious so encourage feedback and engage in discussions!

Be On Point

Pick in demand topics. While your blog might be just about fitness or just about celebrities or just about jobs, do not ignore current happenings and hot topics. Switch gears sometimes to upload a blog or two about some much talked about news. Try to incorporate your genre in there somehow too but no need to make it seem too forced. If its children’s day for example and you run a cooking on a budget blog, come up with a blog that talks about easy and affordable recipes for school lunch!

Blogging can be tough, constantly keeping updated, fresh content. SEO Brighton helps bloggers create the new and vital content they require for their blog. 

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