5 SEO Advantages of doing Guest Blogging


Due to the large SEO competition among various websites, everyone’s attention is on finding the new and effective way to get more and natural SEO benefits. This drives the outcome to increase the popularity of Guest Blogging. And it has been already proved now in search engine algorithm that it is a great way to promote your website online by writing some fresh and quality content and publish them in other’s blogs for gaining various SEO benefits.

Though there are various SEO advantages of doing Guest Blogging, but following I am sharing 5 SEO benefits of doing Guest blogging:

1.)    Link Building

Link building is the most obvious advantage of Guest blogging. This is one of the main reasons also for doing guest blogging by some of the companies. Mainly for the link building purpose, many companies put an eye on new guest blogging opportunities. Most of the blogs allow one or two links in the “Author Bio” section at the end of the post. And some do also allow placing your company URL in the body of the post. And if you have developed good and friendly relations with the blog owner, then he might permit you to put your company blog link and other post’s links written by you for that blog inside the body of this post as internal linking.

2.)    Increases Online Presence and Brand Reputation

A website is the valuable asset of online web world and just creating it is not sufficient to show your company’s existence online but you have to put some efforts to place your website links at various places on the internet. An SEO campaign incorporates all this work. So, to show the presence of your website, Guest blogging plays an important role as a technique of SEO campaign. Placing your website’s link in other’s blog as guest posting increases not only credibility of your website but also drives the potential online customers to your website. Placing your website links at various places on the internet will make online people aware of your brand which results in increasing your brand reputation.

3.)    Developing Relations with other Bloggers

Guest Blogging is the best way to develop online relations with other bloggers. In my opinion, to develop a good relation with other bloggers, you need to be a regular contributor in their blogs. If it’s possible just write a post after every 20-25 days and submit it to any particular blogs. More and more times you will submit a post the stronger relationship will going to develop with that blog owner. This will also help you to increase your website promotion some way.

4.)    Increasing Potential Traffic

Guest blogging is the great source of increasing potential traffic to your website. The links placed inside the published post on other’s blog will drive the potential online users to your website. Guest blogging is the most effective way to attract huge traffic to your website as the blogs are the treasure of the online traffic and by placing your website link there will drive that blog’s traffic to your website.

5.)    Improves Website Rankings

Guest Blogging contributes to improve your website rankings. Search engines have an eye on the links built for any website. And if you build links that seems natural in search engines terms then your website will gain benefits in the rankings of search engines. This can improve your page rank, search engine result page ranks, alexa rank, page authority, domain authority etc.

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