5 Apps To Help You Plan The Ultimate Dinner Party


Planning a dinner can be a great deal of fun, but often very stressful. Organising your menu well ahead of time and adding some specials touches to the evening, is sure to give your guests a memorable night, that won’t easily be forgotten.

Red Stamp

Invite your friends in style, with help from the creative and fun Red Stamp app. We all know that first impressions last, so be sure to create a memorable first impression for your next dinner party, by creating a distributing funky and sophisticated invitations with Red Stamp. The app allows users to choose from over 400 invitation styles and send them to guests via email, text, twitter, Facebook, Instagram or paper mail. If you want to take your hostess duties to the next level, you can also create thankyou cards to send to your guests the day following your party.

A Dinner Party Planner

Ditch the stress and simply have fun planning your next dinner party! ‘A Dinner Party Planner’ app has devised a list of common items needs for every dinner party, from glasses and napkins to dips and alcohol. Once you have created your personalised list, you are able to prioritise the need of your items from high to low, enabling you to see what needs to be done first and what can wait. Being prepared is the secret to hosting the ultimate dinner party!

4000 Dinner Party Recipes

The name really says it all, with this app providing users with a selection of over 4000 popular dinner party recipes. The recipes chosen for this app have been specifically included for their hassle-free nature; perfect for a dinner party. Although the recipes may be hassle-free to create and serve, they are still stylish and, most importantly, delicious.

Top Martini Recipes

Martinis always add a little extra class to a party, so add some sophistication to your next dinner party, by creating delicious cocktails for your guests to enjoy. The Top Martini Recipes app allows users to select martini recipes from a wide range of choices, including some you’ve probably never dreamed of. If you’re new to the world of martinis, the app also includes a helpful feature of providing clear photos of each drink, so you know what yours should look like!

Desert Recipes HD

No dinner party is complete without a mouth-watering desert to top off a spectacular evening. Many of the recipes included in this app can be made well ahead of time, meaning you won’t need to leave your guests, to be trapped in the kitchen. Search for your favourite recipes or find some new inspiration by browsing through the 100+ desert recipes in the catalogue. For the ultimate dinner party, be sure to compliment the perfect evening with the perfect desert.

Dan works at Dedes restaurant in Sydney, Australia. He is often required to plan parties in the restaurant but says that anyone can have a successful dinner party at home with the help of these Apps! Away from work, Dan likes to ride his motorbike, train jiu-jitsu and spend time with his friends and family.

Top 5 Free Dining Apps

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