Great Apps For Editing Photos On The Go


Photo editing is something many of us rely on, and there are some great options available on the iPhone for quick, simple and easy editing of your favourite photos.

BeFunky Fx from BeFunky Inc

This app is a quick and easy solution for cropping, re-colouring and adding effects to pictures either taken on the iPhone or by taking a picture with your phone’s camera. The cropping tool is a simple grab and drag tool and is really effective and responsive.

The re-colour option can take away shadows, add different colour effects including sepia and black and white, and can brighten up dull pictures. The frame option contains around 12 frames which range from traditional picture frames to snowy scenes and wacky star additions.

The app is very easy to navigate through and pictures can be saved into your camera folder, put onto Facebook or Flickr, and can even be added onto a rolling photo roll for the BeFunky App.

PiciBooth from Free The Apps

This fun app allows you to take a series of pictures, one after the other, and view them on a Polaroid-style strip. You can then email, save or upload the film strip of photos at your leisure and use them for a fun profile image or save them for later.

The app is so easy to use and lets you take photos in a fun new way and share them online or via the PiciBooth photo stream on the app. You can also choose how many photos to take so you can pose for as long or short period of time as you wish!

aPhoto – Photo Editor from Kenvast Software Inc

This easy to use app lets you emboss, brighten, add a pencil effect to your photos and more. You can choose images from file or you can take a photo with your iPhone camera, and the app is straightforward and offers a variety of effects and a cropping tool. You can then save your images, email them or put them onto Facebook or Twitter.

All three apps are free, so you can get editing your favourite images in no time and it is a quicker option than sending them to your computer and editing them, but obviously it is nowhere near as complex as some of the editing suite software you can buy for your computer. Great for on-the-go editing and re-colouring, each app is a must-have if you’re looking for a quick-fix option for editing pictures.

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