Five Top iPhone Apps For The Busy Executive


For very busy executives, the iPhone has quickly become one of the most indispensable tools to have. Here are some must-have apps that can help any busy professional keep his or her productivity levels high.


After a week filled with business trips, meetings and deadlines, the last thing you feel like doing is sitting down with a stack of receipts and a pile of confounding expense reports. With the iPhone app Expensify, you can effortlessly file expenses as you make them.

This app syncs with your credit cards so that you can keep track of what you buy in real time. It imports electronic receipts and scans paper receipts using the iPhone camera. Expensify also can produce a PDF report that can be sent via email to your finance department.


If you are like most busy executives, you begin each day super early and finish up in the evening. OmniFocus can be your best friend as this powerful app keeps track of your tasks by project, location, person or date. The app also will send you a notification about upcoming deadlines you must meet.

OmniFocus excels at task management. This app helps ensure that your projects will be completed through the breakdown of actions that are required for total completion. This handy app is considered to be the best productivity app out there as it is packed with features which frankly blow all other productivity apps out of the water.


CamCard is a business card reader. If you’re like most busy professionals, you hate having to put tons of contact info you get from business cards into your address book. But when you use CamCard, the job is a snap because you simply take a photo of the card and that’s it.

There are many business card readers out there but none quite like CamCard. It not only scans the image of the business card and recognizes the text, but it also recognizes what field the information belongs to. It’s by far the best business card reader available today.

Siri Virtual

Every busy executive needs a personal assistant to tell them when to head to a meeting or when to schedule a flight. Siri has become a widespread phenomenon and for good reason. Siri is a ground-breaking software product that understands direct commands which can be spoken or typed. This app remembers personal details so you don’t have to ever tell it more than once where for example “my barbershop” is. Plus, once you have stored your credit card info, Siri can make transactions for you if you wish.


Every busy professional has about a hundred thoughts racing through their brain at any given moment and at all times of the day and night. How do they remember it all? They might be pulling out their iPhone and turning on Evernote to make quick notes by voice, photo or text.

Evernote turns your iPhone into a direct extension of your brain. It also has the ability to assist you in remembering everything across all the devices you use. You can take notes, photos, create lists and record voice reminders regardless if you are at work, home or on the move.

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