You’ve Created The Next Big Chrome App Or Extension … Now You Need To Market It!


People all across the globe are sitting at computer tables working on apps and extensions to enhance the Google Chrome browser experience. If you have recently completed an app or extension for Chrome, use these tips to market your efforts and make your app a success. Making the app is only have the battle.

Work on Your Listing
There’s no point to focus your attention on off-site marketing if those who look for your work on Chrome find your listing off-putting. Your listing should be descriptive and enticing, focusing on how your project can benefit users.

Don’t be too wordy though; you don’t want the uses and benefits of your app or extension to be lost at the bottom of the page. Make sure to include screenshots of your work in action, as this can fill in any gaps and answer questions your visitors may have after reading your description.

Google also allows you to upload a YouTube video, and you should definitely take advantage of this opportunity to explain your project.

Start Locally
There’s nothing wrong with publicizing your work to friends and family. Use your Facebook and Twitter accounts to announce the launch of your project. Ask your contacts to give feedback on your app or extension and to leave ratings and reviews if they can.

If you regularly post on online forums, consider placing a description of your work and a link to your listing in your signature; however, make sure to check this is allowed in each forum or you could find yourself in trouble with the site owners.

Make Connections
Think about the benefits your app or extension offers and publicize it in related venues.

For example, if you have designed a game, contact game reviewers to let them know about your new venture. If your app is a keyword analysis tool for webpages then go looking for SEO forums.

You might also want to look for forums or Google+ circles that are used by other independent Chrome developers. Another good step is to contact technology and developer blogs to see if they accept guest posts. You could offer advice related to your app or lessons you learned during its development in exchange for including a link in your byline.

Don’t Ignore the Old Standards
Just because you are working on a modern digital product doesn’t mean old marketing techniques are not relevant. Write a few press releases, tailored for different markets, and start sending them out. Try to come up with a unique hook for your press release to grab attention. Getting your project featured on some popular blogs or even in the news can give your app or extension a real bump in interest.

This guest post contributed by Michelle, a technology enthusiast, with special interest in everything from computer tables to development.

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