The Technology behind Laser Profiling


Since the advent of the laser many businesses have been built around this amazing technology. In the pipeline industry there is a tool called a laser profiler that can be used to survey and collect data from inside pipelines. A laser profiler is thus an incredibly useful tool, especially when building, for example, a pipeline that extends over hundreds of miles.

Normally a laser profiler is used with a closed circuit television system so that the operator can tell the laser where to move. The laser profiler can be attached to the CCTV and also on a Panoramo device and usually the entire tool is programmed, drivable remotely and comes with an image software system to determine exactly what the lasers have been pointing at.

Using a laser profiler an interested party can determine the size of any type of the pipe the water levels or other levels of liquids in the pipe, the capacity of the pipe and the ovality of the pipe. This information is extremely useful and helpful to the contractor, the engineer, or the municipality that will be making changes to an existing piping system.

A laser profiler can be used in pipes that are from 8 inches to 48 inches in diameter. When a pipe needs to be inspected it must be as clean as possible for the laser profiler to do its job correctly. In order to get accurate readings the light level should also be extremely low and there should be a moderate amount of humidity.

laser cutter cutting

laser cutter cutting (Photo credit: andrew d milleser profiler along with the CCTV camera is mounted onto a remote-controlled tractor unit that is then placed inside of a pipe that should be inspected. This tractor is then remotely guided through the pipe using the CCTV to record all of the necessary data including whether the pipes have cracks or holes. Once the entire pipe has been checked the unit is brought back to the beginning of the pipe and while this is being done the laser profiler is projected on the interior surface of the pipe in a method called optical triangulation.

Using this method a contractor and many a laser cutting company like Garcross can find the exact location of the interior of any pipe by using the laser and the camera in concert. When all of the information from this CCTV and the laser profiler are put together a 3-D wireframe image of the pipe will become available for use by the contractor that contains extremely important information. The CCTV unit also has pan and tilt features that enable it to more fully inspect the entirety of any pipe.

As you can see laser profiling is an excellent tool that yields important information and can save time, save money and it is a safer alternative to traditional methods.

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