Setting Up Your Audio Visual Presentations With Proper Equipment


The AV equipment you use could make or break your presentation. AV technology on a whole will increase the effectiveness of your presentation and message when you use it the right way. Some of the AV technologies you can use to enhance your presentation include LCD Plasma screens, retractable displays, wireless sound components and audio video displays.


Audio is very important if you want the entire audience to hear what you have to say. Sound fixtures will integrate with multimedia and music to add effects to the presentation and help you to bring your message across.

The freedom to move across the stage and throughout the room is another important aspect of lively presentations. To do this, you’ll need to include wireless sound accessories as a part of the audio equipment. Movement helps your audience to focus on you, the speaker, and not the presentation.


Projectors, LCD Plasma screens, or interactive surfaces help presenters to incorporate video into the presentation. You should use video to help you support you main point and not make it the main focus of the presentation. Interactive elements help your audience to engage with their senses on a higher level. You can engage their senses of sound, vision and touch to have a powerful impact on their minds throughout the presentation and long after the presentation is over.

The type of equipment that you use for the presentation will be determined by many factors. Some of the factors you’ll need to consider are:

Location: Will you have the presentation indoors or outdoors? Outdoor presentation poses a special set of challenges that you’ll need to cater for.

Your venue: The AV equipment must be appropriate for the venue. Some venues might have restrictions on the levels of noise allowed. You’ll have to match your sound to suit, use noise filters or limit the amount of media you use.

Your audience: Your audience will not only determine the type of AV technology you use, but also whether you use it at all. Research your audience before you go all out with a complex AV setup.

Your vendor: If you’re renting equipment, you need to determine their lead times and whatever notice they require. If you’re not completely certain what you need, be prepared to tell your vendor about your expectations and they will recommend the right setup for what you have in mind.

Your budget: Again your budget will also determine the complexity of your setup. If you’re renting, the cost can really add up for every piece of equipment you rent, so supply use whatever you have in your possession and rent only the things you don’t have. You might also want to consider purchasing your own equipment to save money in the long run.

AV technology should be used as an aid to help you make an impact on your audience. When more of their senses are engaged, they will be more likely to remember your message.

Brandon is a technology blogger often contributing articles to Handtrucks2GO, a company located in NJ selling multimedia carts.

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