Top 5 Gadgets of 2013 That You Simply Shouldn’t Miss Out On


With the enduring advancements in technology, human race is being introduced to new gadgets every now and then. Following the pursuit, we can expect to see few really amazing gadgets that will easily outshine the Macs and PCs.

With the huge number of technological gadgets in today’s market, each and every person appears to be a techie. Knowing the hottest and latest trends in the gadget market can help you to choose great gifts for any one. Check out this listing of the 5 amazing and unique gadgets that you can look out for in 2013.

Google Project Glass

Google Project Glass

Google has tried to make wearable computing mainstream by inventing something as innovative as Project Glass. Effectively, this is a smart set of glasses with a battery concealed within the frame and an incorporated heads-up display. This is an attempt to find a way to use internet literally always. This new endeavor overlays info from the internet like map directions, messages from friends, and weather reports through the lens of the glass.

This glass will work on Android operating system and will come with a small screen right in front of your eye. It will also feature GPS, 3G or 4G data connections, and motion sensors. This is certainly a revolutionary piece of technology, but comes at quite a high price of around $1500!

Wi-Spy Spectrum Analyzer

This amazing Wi-Spy Spectrum Analyzer is the answer to all your woes related to WLAN. It will find the most silent channel following the isolation of RF interference sources. This is the perfect option to consider if you are searching for a solution to assess, troubleshoot, and optimize the wireless networks. People who desire to buy this gadget can find the best deal at Amazon for $199.

D-Link Systems HD Media Router

D-Link Systems HD Media Router

If you often depend on wireless net connections at home or office, then the best solution to all your woes would be D-link HD media router. This router can optimize your connection and with this you can get speeds of up to almost 900 mbps. You can effortlessly get maximum performance from all your devices simultaneously with its auto bandwidth prioritization. All these benefits can be attained by investing just around $179 for this router.

ITouch/iPhone Mobile Game Controller

This new gadget is sure to blow your mind if you are a serious iPhone or iTouch gamer. ITouch/iPhone Mobile Game Controller is a typical figuration with 4 buttons at the front, four-way directional pad as well as shoulder button that can endure all kinds of button smashing. You just have to link the phone to the controller through Bluetooth to play a tangle-free game. This amazing game controller can be purchased for just $40. So, if you’re a serious gamer, and an iDevice user, then you ought to have this controller at your fingertips.

Celluon Laser Projection Keyboard

Celluon Laser Projection Keyboard

This pioneering gadget is a great example to prove how far the modern technology of today has come. Celluon Laser Projection Keyboard will project a laser keyboard on table and find any movement over the key surfaces. This magic cube will work great with your tablet or touch phone. You can place an order for this keyboard by spending $117.

These are few of the mind-boggling gadgets that will gain entry into the market this year, and all of them are sure to impress every tech-geek out there!

Robert David is a tech-geek, who takes keen interest in reviewing any new gadget introduced in the market. He has a vast collection of many of the latest gadgets, smartphones, and gaming consoles. He also contributes to several popular tech blogs to increase the blogger outreach of his technology portal.

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