5 Super Awesome Kindle Cases for Geeks


You love anything and everything to do with technology and gadgets, including the Kindle ebook reader from Amazon. But now you seek some super awesome cases to make your e-reader stand out. If that’s the case, then have a look at our top picks below.

5 Super Awesome Kindle Cases for Geeks

1. Pacman Kindle 3 Case – the quintessential icon of the 80’s has got to be the yellow dot eating machine known as Pacman. This groovy dude has entered the hearts of millions of geeks from around the world and here’s a Kindle 3 case that showcases him front and center. Made of 100% cotton, the case fits the Amazon digital reader perfectly and protects it with a fleece lining interior.

2. Geeky Kindle 3 Case for Women – here’s a case that features a series of cool Americana emblems of yesteryear and the present. You’ll find icons of a cheeseburger, popcorn, yoyo, an ice cream Popsicle and more. The bright and colorful design should appeal to just about any girlie girl that loves to highlight her gadgets in style.

3. Solar Powered Kindle DX Battery Pack – what geek can resist eco friendly tech that juices up via the power of the Sun. Not many. Here’s a solar powered device that will give extra life to your Kindle DX via a USB connection. Essentially you attach the battery pack to an outdoor surface and let it fully charge then hook it up to your Kindle DX to power it up. If driving, you would attach the solar battery pack to the windshield.

4. Kindle Smart Jacket – this case is great for geeks that travel and or need lots of hands-free operation. The Smart Jacket will hold your Kindle as a stand via magnetic straps and protect it in beautiful manly style as it’s made from genuine WWII re-purposed canvas and a twill lining interior.

5. Purple Strike Kindle 3 Skin – this excellent skin comes from and it features a lightning strike amid an illustrious purple sky. Truly a sight and perfect for geeky storm chasers that own and use the Amazon e-reader, this skin won’t disappoint thy fair-weathered fans.

That concludes this round up of awesome geeky cases for the Kindle, stay tuned as we profile more in our next piece. Hope you enjoyed our picks.

This article was written by Greg who runs the eBook Reader Geek blog where he showcases cool sleeves, skins, cases and Kindle 3 covers regularly on his site. When he’s not online writing, Greg loves to bike, run, jog and anything else that can be done outdoors.

image via SewKawaii

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