What’s next for Google and Android?


Almost every company is diversifying into several other categories. But what is next for Google?

As we have heard it before too that Nokia has joined hands with Microsoft to modify their OS systems from symbian to Windows OS but it seems to be like Google is also considering to explore the OS world. But for now the main focus of Google remains the same i.e. Mobile Phones.

Android is a complete packaged software with its own operating system, a variety of applications and middleware. As we all know the owner of Adroid Inc. is Google Inc. who bought it in 2005.

According to a recent report, rumors are that Google is planning to beat companies like Microsoft and Linux with its increased adoption across the verticals through which Android will go ahead of all popular iOS systems. An analyst also stated that the open source nature of Android is the key success point for its development which allows Google to diversify.

Another project of Android is also in line to be launched soon for interconnecting home appliances known as Project Tungsten. Apart from all the coming up plans, Google’s main target market is cell phones. Analysts also say that in future tablets and TV screens will be preferred by consumers more than the smart phones.

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