Easy Access to Jeff Dunham With iPhone Application


Easy Access to Jeff Dunham With iPhone Application

People would want an innovative phone to buy. A quality choice of gadget means an all-around device with easy access to almost all the things you want from entertainment, news, facts, and lifestyle. Yes, the phone you’re searching for is an iPhone created by Apple Incorporated. iPhone is not your typical type of device. There are over 300,000 applications available in the Apple Store. There are apps for news, showbiz, astrology, games, books, cooking, and many more.

iPhone apps introduce you to an exciting treat, The Jeff Dunham iPhone application by I Keel You, Incorporated. Jeff Dunham is a comedian with appearance on a number of TV shows. His comedic intellect and puppets made him popular to the world. The application gives you the latest news and updates about Jeff Dunham and his ventriloquists dummies. Having the application in your device is getting closer with Jeff Dunham as he goes on a tour with videos and live performances. You can reach him anytime, anywhere as long as internet and Wi-Fi connection is available.

The Jeff Dunham Application home screen features five of the most favorite and popular characters: Achmed, Peanut, Walter, Bubba J and Jose. It has a fun, interactive feature that allows you to choose one character and record your voice. You can make them talk by using your recorded voice. You could also shake your iPhone to hear famous catch-line phrases from your favorite dummies. The puppets have surprising catch lines that will entertain you to the fullest.  You can play with the character’s facial expressions for you to feel the character’s emotions while you are in Dunham’s humorous world. Put your finger on the screen to be able to move the puppet’s eyebrows, eyes, and mouth except that Peanut and Bubba J doesn’t have eyebrows.

The application allows accessibility to YouTube under the QuickTime player for you to view Dunham’s videos. Sharing videos to Facebook and Twitter is also convenient with the application. You could also join Jeff Dunham’s fan email list and communicate with other Jeff Dunham fanatics worldwide. Be the first one to get the latest news updates about Jeff Dunham’s shows, tickets, location and tours. Fans will not worry about finding access in internet shops, personal computers and laptop as long as your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad is with you wherever you go.

You can purchase this application for $1.99. Price is quite expensive for an entertainment application that does a little work. The Jeff Dunham application is one of the thousand applications where you can have instant access to your favorite stars, TV shows, movies, and games.

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