Create the Extraordinary With Corel KPT Collection


Create the Extraordinary With Corel KPT Collection

Are you a professional designer? Or do you just like editing images so much? Enthusiasts of image editing always wants to explore the internet to find the right sort of software for an all-in-one image editing. There are a lot of choices but you could get most of those editing materials individually.

Corel introduces its KPT Collection or Kai’s Power Tools collection, a blend of powerful tools from KPT5, KPT6 and KPT effects. Kai Krause created the KPT plug-ins designed for Adobe Photoshop and Corel Photo-Paint. KPT was then sold to Corel after MetaCreations was closed. After Corel took ownership with Kai Krause’s effects filters, Corel then procreated new effects to develop KPT. Along with the 15 Classic Effects from KPT 5, 6 and 7, it is now 24 with new effects added by Corel intended for the KPT Collection.

KPT Collection Features:

  • KPT Fluid- Animate a mixture of distortions, thickness, size of the image and speed of the brush stroke to get the feel of a fluid-like image.
  • KPT FlaxFlame II- Create amazing fractals.
  • KPT Gel- Make a realistic 3D image with the featured adjustments.
  • KPT Goo- Produce stunning liquid distortions or simple animations.
  • KPT Ink Dropper- Create water spots to misty swirls.
  • KPT Lightning- Create realistic lightning effects.
  • KPT Materializer- Create vibrant surface textures.
  • KPT Scatter- Add particles and scatter to original image
  • KPT Shapeshifter- Creates boundless shapes and objects

KPT Collection features also include KPT Blurr, Channel Surfing, Equalizer, FiberOptix, Frax4D, FraxPlorer, Gradient Lab, Hyper Tiling,Lens Flare, Noise, Projector, Pyramid Paint, RadWarp, Reaction and Turbulence.

Required OS for the program is Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, and Windows XP. Required OS for Mac includes 8.3 to 10.3 and G3 Power Mac.

Some disadvantages include a complex interface and preview feature is lacking. Operating some tools is quite disappointing because of complicated processes. Advantages of the program include efficient and fast effects function and unique filters. There’s a wide selection of filters to choose from.

If users want an instant creation of beautifying their images, then Corel KPT Collection is not for you. But if you want to get excited and experiment more with a surprising product, then in the end everything is worthwhile with Corel KPT Collection. Improve your work flow and get the feel of realistic products. Learn more about different effects uncover your artistic skills. Finally, prepare yourself for a surprise after seeing the finished product.

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