Crossfade Headphones by V-Moda


Crossfade Headphones by V-Moda

Small Review:

You can take two great features from these headphones. One is that they are portable and the other is the wonderfully embracing sounds you will experience from them. But not everything is perfect with these headphones, which is really no big surprise to me.

Their design is unique, there is no doubt about that. It has a more metallic indescribable hardware look about them that is actually hard for me to put into words. They look like they would hurt once you put them on, but it’s actually quite the opposite. They are also a lot chunkier than any of their other competitors. You have to weigh out what is important to you in terms of headphones. You basically have an ultimatum with these specific pair. Either you can have a lighter pair of headphones or you can live with the chunkiness and enjoy a good audio quality.

You get a set of jacks for any random plug-ins or you can use a specific ne for the 3GS. It’s nice to have choices with the 3GS remote included in the package as well.

It’s kind of a blind working remote where it can work for some things, but not with others. If you want to make sure your device can work with the remote, you can go to the manufacturer’s website to find out.

One of the things I would consider changing is the location of the control. It’s not in a place where it can be seen unless I take the headphones off to do it and that can become extremely annoying. You have to memorize the buttons specific places in order to hit them correctly.

Everything sounds good through the headphones. I had a weird reverbing sound if I didn’t have anything playing. But at least there was never any awkward treble or bass issues. When I had a good piece of music picked out, I didn’t want to take the headphones off because the sound quality was so good.

The main thing that you need to look out for is whether or not you have two compatible devices; otherwise, you’re going to be throwing away $250 in the trash bin. But you can get your money’s worth if you end up having specific compatibility on the device.  There are a great number of compatible devices.

Overall, these headphones are going to be a great addition to any music lovers home and anyone that wants a set of headphones that are specially made for an audience that uses the iPhone 3G.  These were marketed for this type of consumer, so if you are one of them, then take advantage of these headphones and you won’t be disappointed.

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