The Camera That Will Never Let You Down Despite The Low Price


The camera that will never let you down despite the low price

Single lens reflex cameras can often take much searching in order to find the one that suits you. Kodak’s EasyShare range, in particular the Z812 IS is a model that should jump out at you. This is especially true if you are looking for a machine that will encapsulate all the plus points of a professional device at an incredibly low price of $280. With very few flaws, and many advantages, this particular model is indeed an all round amazing device.

The immediate flaw in this device is the battery. Hosting a CRV3 non rechargeable, it can be costly to replace, and also slightly less environmentally friendly. Of course, you can change for standard alkaline AA batteries, but if possible, you should aim for a rechargeable lithium ion battery that fits the device and this should solve that problem.

Once the power situation has been overlooked, you should notice that the device is both robust and relaxed, and fits easily into the hand when you need to take those all important shots. The features on this model are especially advanced, and incredibly suited to the more experienced photographer. With this, the device boasts a reasonable 8.1 megapixel sensor, and an LCD screen that has the ability to view in incredibly high resolution. The image stabilizing function works rather well with the 12x zoom lens, and for all intents and purposes, the Z812’s impressive optics is a must for the more business orientated photographer.

Due to the high experience level of the user, the menu functions may be a little difficult to navigate for the novice. This being said, each button has an important role to play, leaving the menu system free for the settings that do not require additional care. For example, the shutter speed and exposure returns can be controlled by a simple thumb wheel, and this in turn shows how the device is innovative and intelligent enough to fully understand the user. However, as well as nice as these advantages run, the shutter button is placed closer to the front of the device, which means that there are plenty of opportunities for pressing the wrong button and losing the perfect shot.

This does not always happen though. The speed of the Z812 is a clear winner in terms of others in that range. The load up time is set at a single second, and this is indeed invaluable to the business consumer who would be looking to purchase a machine of this caliber. In addition, the shutter speed and reload rate are of the same quality. There are very few areas to complain about, as the image quality is decidedly high, with bright and vibrant colors that are aesthetically pleasing to several users.

Despite the slow transfer rate from the machine to card or computer, and the grainy detail that can be seen at higher ISO settings, the Z812 is still an amazing camera for the professional consumer. At that price though, any user would find it wonderful.

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