The New Features On the iOS 4‘s Navigon App


The New Features On the iOS 4‘s Navigon App

As everyone knows by my reviews, I am absolutely crazy about the Navigon Apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch. A lot of new apps that work with the new iOS 4 (which this version of 1.6 does as well), have features that allow the program to run in the background of the device. This application as well includes that feature. You can have your application running successfully and still be able to take phone calls. It’s a wonderful life! An accurate time of one second is about how long your application will take to refresh after your phone transaction. There have been some other super changes to the apps as well. You can have the weather updates at hand for pretty much anywhere and the maps are much more accurate than they were. If you have serious parking issues, this application will be your lifesaver.

What Happened On Its Test Drive

I didn’t have a phone call planned, but still received one while I was out driving to my destination for the apps road test. Even though I was on the phone, (using my Bluetooth, hands-free of course) I was still able to hear the GPS voice commands loud and clear over my phone conversation. It’s also nice that the iOS 4 has the fast application switching as a feature so I can visit the display whenever I feel the need to and it lets me keep chatting.

What I Have:

  • An iPhone 4
  • A Magellan Car Kit (Premium Version)
  • A dashboard mount built for my GPS


All the information and data live inside the application. If you need alternative information such as the weather or parking info, you need to have a data connection, otherwise you don’t need one to use the applications services. There is no type of plan required, but you should include the three items on my list into your budget. The iPod Touch(which doesn’t have GPS) will need a car kit. Most of the other iDevices already have GPS systems. Once you have purchased the application, you don’t have to purchase anything further.

If you are looking for a sale, go here (the App Store) for the North American App offered by the Navigon Mobile Navigator.

If you only need parts of the US and really don’t have any use for a full version, you can buy pieces of the US with Navigon My Regions, here.

Because there are so many developers out there, all fighting for the best apps, we will continue to benefit from their battles!

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