Realforce 103UB 55g (black)


Positives: Strong keys which weigh up to 55g each, keyboard weighs over 3 pounds, stable and strong, has two tabs for adjusting wrist position, comfortable keys.

Negatives: Compared to other keyboards in the market place, this is comparatively expensive; does not offer any dedicated media buttons, no extra UBS ports.

The End Result: After reviewing the Topre Realforce 103UB 55g keyboard, it could be stated that this keyboard is simple in terms of the features it has to offer, has very comfortable keys which do not make any noise while typing, and offers personal modification for users who either wish to make their keyboard heavier or lighter in terms of weight.


With the modern technology taking a diverse turn, keyboards have changed from what they were during the traditional days. One edition of keyboard which has set the standard in the market is IBM’s Model M keyboard. The reason for this is that during the introductory phase of the launch, this edition of keyboard was sold like hot cake. Therefore, whenever a user goes onto purchase a keyboard; he often matches the features with the IBM’s keyboard.

One feature which remains the top most priority of users is the comfort of the keyboard. If the comfort is there, then typing speed and accuracy would come itself. However, if the keyboard is uncomfortable then that decreases user’s satisfaction from using the product. Keeping these factors in mind, Topre has recently introduced its new edition of keyboard which is named Realforce 103UB55g. This product is priced at $245 which is believed to relatively expensive. However, the reason for high price is that Realforce 103UB55g offers you proprietary sensors rather than using standard cherry key switches which altogether change the typing experience.

Furthermore, besides the sensors, Topre defends its high price by delivering extra tough build quality which they believe cannot be matched with the local keyboards available in the market place. However, users still wish that they had more features on hand given the price they are paying for such an expensive keyboard. This product is more recommended for those users who have extra cash on hand and those who make hardcore use of keyboards. For those users, who wish to buy a more economical product, Rosewill RK-9000 or the Das Keyboard would be the best options and the recommended ones.

Most users while purchasing a keyboard make sure that it’s not light in weight. The reason for this is that if your keyboard keeps moving while typing, this tends to annoy the user. Therefore Realforce 103UB55g has made sure that consumer satisfaction is maintained as it offers a keyboard which weighs over 3 pounds. This makes sure that the keyboard holds its ground.


In terms of design, Realforce 103UB55g maintains the classical look of keyboards which have existed since years. It uses the classic style of QWERTY layout, has keys on the top of F1 till F12 and three LED lights which represent scroll lock, caps lock and number lock. Furthermore, on the back side it has two feet covered in rubber to give the keyboard grip and also has two tabs on either side for adjusting the position of your wrists.

The keyboard in total has 103 keys and each key has a weight of 55g. This could be adjusted according to the needs of the user as they have variation in their keys starting from 35g up to 55g. Compared to other products, Topre’s focus is on consumer satisfaction which is why it offers the option of personally modifying the keys.

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