Dell Inspiron i15R-1775MRB – A Technical Review


Dell Inspiron i15R-1775MRB – A Technical Review

Dell Inspiron i15R-1775MRB, which is also available in Mars Black features highly defined displayed in the 17.3 inch screen with 6 batteries. It weighs less than 7 pounds and has curvy edges with the smooth lines. Dell Inspiron is easily portable which has ergonomically designed keyboard (ten key pads) where the user enjoys working on it as plenty of space is there to stretch out. Generally users enjoy the brushed metal appearance of the smudge- proof palm rest in Dell Inspiron.

Dell Inspiron has smart multicore technology which helps the user in performing with high speed as it applies processing power dynamically. Dell Inspiron i15R-1775MRB has Intel Core i5 processor which allows the user to multi task faster with digital creativity. It maximizes the user’s performance as the Intel Turbo Boost technology is installed. Dell Inspiron had advanced ATI graphics with 1 GB memory which takes the user’s highly defined levels to new life like levels.

Dell Inspiron connects the user to the ultra fast wireless N Wi Fi networking with integrated one point three mega pixel web camera. Dell Inspiron also includes special features like SRS premium sound for an excellent stereo which surrounds soundstage. It also has touchpad which has integrated scrolling which makes the laptop more spontaneous and very much simple to use.

Dell Inspiron has several unique and built in features and time savers such as the Dell dock, which helps reducing time taken for searching applications. It also has files of photos, videos and mostly used applications by the users are placed on the top right hand side of the screen. Dell Inspiron i15R-1775MRB has the new Microsoft office starter 2010, which has everything the user needs within the reach to power through daily tasks where the user enjoys his media wherever he is.

Dell Inspiron is also pre installed with the Microsoft Windows 7 premium operating system where the user will be able to create a home network and share all his photos, videos and music very easily as windows 7 is the easiest and fastest version of windows. Dell Inspiron which has windows 7 has the better ways in finding and managing the files. It has jump list and improved taskbar previews which leads to reliable performance. Dell Inspiron helps the user in updating the latest software versions of outlook, PowerPoint and the publisher through windows 7. It also has additional option called backup service which offers data protection by enabling the user to back up data to a safe and remote storage site using a broad band connection.

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