Microsoft Announcement: Kin is Dead


Microsoft Announcement Kin is dead

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Only two months after developing the phone; Microsoft is announcing that the Kin device will no longer be available. The Kin device has been widely advertised online for a while now but still not many people know exactly what this phone is and what it did.

This device was known as the Kin 1 and 2. It was an ongoing project by Microsoft to create a Smartphone that was as good as Apple’s iPhone; but cheaper. The phones started off at $150-200 a piece but they weren’t selling at all. This caused retailers to have to drastically lower the price of the Kin in order to move the product from its stores. The main carrier was Verizon and they will be selling the Kin phone until they are completely sold out.

Microsoft tried very hard to compete with the current smartphones on the market; but just by looking at a few pictures of the Kin you can tell that it would never have competed. It look’s cheap and childlike in comparison to the iPhone or Android phones already available on the market.

Microsoft spent millions advertising the Kin but people just were not interested in getting this phone and then being on a two year contract. With all of the new phones being released ; competition is tough and Microsoft cannot compete with the Droid X, Samsung Galaxy, or the iPhone four.

The phone might have been successful 3-4 years ago when Smartphone’s were just starting out and there was little competition. Since then the competition has grown and the phones have grown more advanced and sophisticated looking. The Kin just looks ridiculous besides an iphone or Android Smartphone. It doesn’t even look like it belongs in the same category as these phones.

The marketing for this product also failed. Microsoft’s marketing team created a website to promote this product that is neither easy to use nor easy to understand. The online advertising left many users confused as to what the Kin was and if it was actually a phone or some other sort of device. By the time users realised Microsoft even had a Smartphone; it was too late and phone was being pulled from stores and from carriers.

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