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Mozilla Firefox and its Extensions


Mozilla Firefox and its Extensions

While Mozilla’s Firefox browser may not be the most popular browser in use currently; it could very well be the best browser available on the market. The Firefox browser is not the fastest browser around and this could be one of the things crippling its popularity; but is also not a slow browser by any means.

Despite is speed pitfalls; Firefox has the best rendering engine out of all of the browsers available. It also has the most features; especially for web designers. Besides these two things; it also has a really secure mail delivery system.

Firefox contains an editor for webpages; a superior JavaScript debugging tool, and many extensions you can add to your browser for free. In this article we are going to cover some of the most useful extensions available from Mozilla Firefox.

Web Developing: Toolbar s

Disable Function

This will let you turn on or off cookies, java, css, and more.

Form Conversion

Allows you to convert from GET and POST forms. It will display all the form information.

Images Function

This will display all images in pixels. It will also show broken pictures or disable pictures altogether from the page. It can also make images invisible so that the pages structure remains the same though the image isn’t visible.

Information Function

This will show all of the cookie information for any webpage.

Outline Option

This will create a visible line around block elements without links or titles.

Resize Option

This will allow you to change the browser windows size to a more frequently used size such as 1024X 768.

View Source Function

This will display all the source information for a webpage in a different tabbed window.

Checky Syntax

This function will check every aspect of your page to make sure it is compatible with everything out there on the net. It will go over all of your HTML and css and check for anything in It that would create problems for some users.

User Agent Switcher

This will allow you to pretend to be on a different browser system. Some sites; especially secure sites such as banking sites; will only let you use their supported browsers. This program lets you get past that stipulation and use whatever browser you want.

CasCadeS Extension

This will let you edit CSS into Mozilla Firefox’s web page editor. It hasn’t been updated in a long time however.

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