Paradise Island: Top Grossing Android Application Simulation Game


Paradise Island Top Grossing Android Application Simulation Game

Paradise Island, a top grossing Android application by Cooper Media Corporation, is made for those who dreamed of having their own sunny little island empire. Paradise Island is a challenging tourism business simulation game for those who love the sun and the sea. It is building and managing one’s little island from the ground and up. In the beginning of the game, there is not much in the island. With one’s own strategy, the aim is to turn the island into a best resort that will entice people to visit the island and to keep them staying. These tourists should be entertained with different activities. One should build casinos, entertainment centers, hotels, restaurants, discos, waterslides and other amenities to satisfy the needs of the tourists. If these needs are met, in return, these tourists pay in cash. The income is then used to buy and upgrade more buildings and centers. The buildings need to have power too so it has to be repaired and upgraded as well. Also, if one builds a gift shop, these tourists will begin to buy items that will help them remember their wonderful memories in the island which you created from blood, sweat, and tears. As the tourists increase in number, they should be accommodated by extending the property through purchasing more land and sea areas. Basically, upgrading the empire makes way for bigger income. If there is a need for more money, buying via Paypal within the game is also possible.

To unlock another level, XP points are also to be gained. As the level rises, one will be able to unlock a wide selection of buildings. Also, 130 awards are up for grabs for their awards and achievement system. Learn all the tips in the game and win the Grand prize!

This Android simulation game is very deep in nature. It can’t be finished in a day or two. It’s going to take a lot of time. If the gamer gets tired in playing, the game may be closed but the life in the island will not stop. It will just keep on going until the gamer comes back. Just like a real tourism business, building and making more money is the key aspect of this game and one will have to do a lot of it in the progress of the game. Competing with friends who uses the application can be done as well.

The graphics of this simulation game are beautiful and detailed making the gameplay very interesting, smooth, and enormously addictive. It features a wide variety of amenities and buildings, decorations and plants, simcity and tycoon features, and a reward system. It is also more advanced than other regular farm game applications. An internet connection is highly recommended but optional and is Ad free. Plus, this Android application is free for download. If you are looking for an interesting simulation game, head on to the Android market and enjoy building your empire. Create the island of your dream and have a happy story.

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