HP PAVILION DV6-3140 US Laptop with Advanced Features and Reliable Quality


HP PAVILION DV6-3140 US Laptop with Advanced Features and reliable quality

HP is well known for their laptops and desk top computers. Their newly launched product is HP Pavilion 3140 US laptop. The main attraction of this laptop is its advanced features. The size of their display screen is 15.6 and the same is facilitated by means of Diagonal High Definition Led display unit. The display unit of HP Pavilion DV6-3140 US has about 1366*768 pixel of resolution and the triple core mobile processor is of the model AMD Phenom II. In this laptop system 64 bit home premium Windows7 is utilized with a powerful battery having 5 hours life.

The DVD used with HP Pavilion DV6- 3140 US system is Vigil blue ray type. The video displaying is very much suitable for gloomy environments and to achieve this, negative web camp is employed. This arrangement is capable to modify photos and videos to develop a better display on the 15.6 inch diagonal display unit. There are facilities to log-in websites by means of finger pressings which is known as mixed daub customer system. This is a very effortless way to log-in websites. The memory card reader of the system is featured with 5 in one capability.

The CDs and DVDs of HP Pavilion DV6-3140 US have got qualitative light scribe technology. This helps the system to perform in a faultless manner. The image ratio of the display unit comes about 16.9 and the ATI HD graphics offers an enhanced multimedia system. The hard drive capacity of the system is 640 GB where as the advanced Dolby audio offers marvelous sound system for the video viewers. To boost the sound tracking, the system is provided with Altec Lansing speakers. The 1.9 GHZ AMD Phenom II offers remarkable performance as far as the vision of the system is concerned.

The audio of the system can be modified by head phones and premium sound systems. There are facilities to connect the system either to a monitor or HD TV. The HDMI port of the system can be utilized for these connections. The system is also possessed with some software and the same can be employed for photo creations and photo galleries.

There are arrangements to purchase these notebook computers through online. The company offers online support and free phone services to the customers if required after purchase. To ensure better support the company offers easy to use dashboards and preinstalled HP advisor. Thus the after sale servicing of HP is highly reliable.

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