The Vanguard BBH-200 Ballhead Tripod Camera Mount


Vanguard is well known for their hardware accessories for digital cameras. Their new BBH-200 Ballhead is the most recent addition to their collection of tripod stands tools. This curvy looking tripod mount is their significantly improved product and they claiming it is the strongest. This useful tool is here to bring you the real experience of photography.

Size and Shape:

Unlike any other tripod mounts, the BBH-200 is a bold looking thing. It has a normal diameter (as required by the standard tripod size) and a thinner neck sprouting out of the socket beautifully. The ball is strongly fixed and does not wobble at all. The screws are perfectly inserted to make your work easier and time saving while attaching your camera to the stand.


  •     The height adjustment system is also brilliant. It lets you select the perfect mount to shoot the desired shot out of your camera. Only few tripod mounts comes with the option of height; Vanguard made sure to offer this.
  •     The rapid level system makes the job even easier when adjusting the camera with the base. The camera can also be tuned with the all-new 2-bubble levels that can be selected to alter the ball position. It is really helpful during a wide shoot, especially targeting landscapes.
  •     The ball is carved out of a fine, high quality magnesium that has an oxidized and scratchless surface guaranting long term use without any problem. It moves around very smoothly rather than forcing your hand to master a sticky movement.
  •     The Arca type universal standard quick release plate is a great option which combines the amazing shoe stopper. Together they work brilliantly – the release plate saves you valuable time (wasted in removing the camera) and the shoe stopper prevents the camera from falling down if any mishap happens.
  •     It also has 2 adjustment knobs on either side of it. One is dedicated only for locking the ball. And the other one is used for panning and controlling the tension. It helps mainly while taking landscape shots.
  •     It is astonishingly strong and is able to hold up-to 44 lbs. (20kg) of weight, which is more than enough (even the heaviest of the modern day cameras weigh much lesser than that).
  •     It’s perfectly revolving ability ensures panoramic photography and amazing shots. It has a complete 360 degree angle view available.
  •     It is very light, weighing only 18 oz.
  •     Since it has the universal standard size, it is adjustable to all known brands of cameras including Canon, Sony, Nikon and Fujifilm.
  •     It’s technically very efficient; the designers have really given it their precious time and the effort has proven fruitful.

If you are a professional photographer looking for improved stability, the steadiness and ease-of-use make the Vanguard BBH 200 Ballhead a worthwhile investment.

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