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Is Colocation Right for You?


Is Colocation Right for YouQuite a few firms are reluctant to shift to colocation due to the off-site nature of their web servers, but the change can in fact deliver a number of benefits with regards to both software and hardware solutions.  Colocation could help improve your IT expense, lessoning your budget by decreasing overhead and operating expenditure.  Without having your server collocated, your business may be losing money due to keeping your server in-house and having to deal with server upkeep.  Keep your business enterprise server always connected with a range of colocation plans from 1U colocation to full server rack colocation. Hosting within a data center means redundancy for your network. With disaster recovery and business continuity solutions, these services are vital in making sure that your network stays online. Startup businesses can reap the benefits of a single server, otherwise known as 1U, colocation plans which will give business accessibility to a safe and secure data center at a reasonable price.  Considering the expenses involved in dedicated server web host and in transporting the machines towards data center, Colocation hosting relieves you of these kinds of expenses.  If you    have the resources to sustain a collocated server, along with your resource requirements are big, colocation may be your very best choice.  A number of important considerations need to be looked into while deciding on a colocation host.

Server colocation can be a remarkably cost-effective strategy to operate high end software, web application, or even website hosting without the need to invest in an in-house data center that will require a UPS power supply and environment control for server performance.  Colocation is the ideal solution for small to medium businesses that owns their own Hardware and can take care of their own application on the server.  Hosting with a provider will guarantee the network infrastructure to be fast and secure while providing the server with enough power for maximum efficiency. Server rooms are kept at the ideal operation temperature with fire suppression systems that reduces the chance of hardware lost.  It is easy to see the advantage of hosting inside an enterprise level datacenter for your business server Colocation hosting needs.

With colocation, you’re the boss of the hardware which subsequently means you’re responsible for maintaining it just in case there are any problems.  In addition, your servers, be they 1U Colocation and/or full rack colocation, are locked inside secure racks and monitored by a network of closed circuit security TV cameras. Most data centers employ a 24/7 staff security staff and uses biometrics scans for server access to add an additional level of protection.  In colocation hosting all that hassle and troubleshooting that goes along with online connection, redundant power supply, support, cooling, fire suppression, system routers, internet backbones, etc., is cared for by the colocation service provider.  As oppose to hosting a server in-house, colocation gives small to medium businesses the benefit of having an enterprise level server hosting solution without having to invest in a secure hosting facility.

Managed colocation is ideal for server managers who need to collocate their computer hardware without the headache of frequent routine maintenance.  A managed colocation providers will often take care of anything associated with infrastructure management whilst the owner keeps in charge of the content and use of their server.  The providers take care of setting up the server according to the request made by the clients. Managed colocation services are the answer to many business technology needs. Businesses that need a server setup a certain way or do not want to employ an IT staff to maintain their servers can pay a fee for managed services. Managed servers are kept up to date and are monitored by data center technicians who have direct access to the server in case anything goes wrong. Most managed colocation facilities are packed with environmental systems to keep your equipment and data safe and secure at all times. Putting a server in the hands of a trained technician that work inside a data center makes keeping your servers online a painless task.

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