Pocket Legends: The Game that Conquers Evil


Pocket Legends- The Game that Conquers EvilThe Pocket Legends is both an iPhone and IPad App. It can be described simply as a huge RPG game which starts with one having to select a character that is based on a wide choice of qualities. When playing this game, you will start out weak in terms of your traits and strengths in war, in the supernatural and the medical field, though as you continue you get more energy and become stronger. One can use their points to acquire additional weapons and gear. The main concept behind the Pocket Legends is conquering evil. It is just as simple as that, and this makes it absolutely fun and exciting to play. If you are one of those who have not yet stamps led into this game, then take your time, read this and learn more.

A very strong advantage of the Pockets Legend game is that it originates from the main server. This is definitely a plus when changing from one ios device to the other. In addition to this, one can link up with other players online and take up challenges. By all standards, the Pocket Legends is an amazing game considering it is played on a portable device. When playing this game you will realize it has quite a number of funs as you will always find different players online. It is a popular game among many players. The fact that the Pocket Legends is available on a portable device makes it very convenient to play, as one can play at any time and place since it is available on a portable device.

Depending on a player’s requirements and needs, he or she can simply enlarge the game by buying extra missions, arms and enchantment. This game is slightly addictive to those who are already in it, but all in all the players still have control of their normal life. It seems like Pocket Legends is suitable to many as a favorite pass time.

The iPad edition of Pocket Legendss appears to be the better option, justifiable by its huge screen real estate which makes it easier to play with. To have more effective power over your character it is important to consider using the virtual joystick, though it is not the original option available.

One disadvantage of the iPhone/iPad touch version is that it congests the smaller screen with just too much data. You will also realize that the graphics are not able to maximize on the benefits of the retina which is available on the iPhone.

If you are looking at having a great game, then the Pockets Legend is a must have. Simply Download it and challenge other players as you wipe out the powers of wickedness from an iOS device.

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