ASUS U35F-X1 Small and Powerful


ASUS U35F-X1 Small and Powerful

The ASUS U35F-X1 notebook powered by the i3 processor packs quite a deal for its size. Many might judge this wrongly, but when you actually check this laptop with its complete specs and other details, it is hard not to fall in love with this machine. The laptop is slime and sleek with just over 13” in size with features that surpass its larger competitors in the same league. This laptop will primarily suit for those who tend to work for long hours without a power supply connected as it gives an outstanding battery backup of around 10 hours, which is hard to find even in other bigger laptops.

The ASUS U35F-X1 is built with of ASUS’s very own super hybrid hard drive. This helps to maintain battery deliverance for long hours between need arises for recharging the battery. The laptop is multi-tasking enhanced. The i3 processor of Intel will prove to be better and faster than its older counter parts working at an optimum of 2.4 GHz. The device is HDMI enabled and this allows it to be connected to the TV for high definition video and audio. The ASUS U35F-X1 comes with 4 GB of DDR3 RAM ported into the laptop. The laptop is powered with Intel HD Graphics card. This enables the enhancement of the display which is a little over 13 inches. The display is of LED HD backlit display.

The operating system in the ASUS U35F-X1 is Microsoft’s latest OS, the Windows 7 which is a home premium version of 64 bit. The OS can be updated from Microsoft website for the latest up gradations that are available with that version that is supplied with the laptop. The wireless connectivity offers all the wireless bands to connect to any of the nearby hotspots for Wi-Fi. The sound clarity and effects are delivered in an excellent manner by the Altec Lansing speakers that come with STS premium sound. To copy anything from anywhere, the five in one memory card will prove real useful. The 8 cell 5600 mAh will come handy. The camera is a regular one mega pixel camera in the front of the laptop serving as the marketing hub for the signals. The HD displays are also be transmitted on the internet. The laptop as such is very light in weight and also small in size adding more to its portability. With non compromised features offered in a size like never before, it is irresistible to ignore it from the table.

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