What Flavour E-Liquid Is Best To Use With My Starter Kit?


When people first start to use electronic cigarettes, it can take them time to get used to all the different pieces of kit and what they do. It can also take time for people to get used to the different flavours of e-liquid available. Firstly, people do not realise the sheer amount of flavours on e-liquid that are available – there hundreds and hundreds! Below you will find some of the most popular flavour e-liquids that people go for their very first vape to use with their starter kit.

  1. Tobacco. To begin with, some people don’t want to try any weird and wonderful flavours and just prefer to stick with what they know. Many people turn to electronic cigarettes as a healthier alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes so may not want to necessarily give up the taste of tobacco that they so crave. By beginning on a tobacco flavour, it stops you from wanting that familiar taste of tobacco and once you have got your tastebuds working at full capacity once again you may want to move on and try something different.

  2. Menthol. Menthol e-liquid is without doubt one of the most popular e-liquids used by first time vapers. It is great for those that are used to smoking menthol cigarettes so that they can not crave the taste that have been used to for so long. Menthol is also a very fresh taste that also makes it popular with those who used to smoke tobacco cigarettes as it is something new and does not have a stale taste to it, as once people quit smoking they notice they are able to taste things a lot better once more.

  3. Coffee. A coffee e-liquid is also a popular choice for first time vapers as it is the mixing of two vices. Whilst vaping with a coffee e-liquid people are getting their nicotine hit as well as the often craved flavour of coffee. With a coffee e-liquid you have to no longer crave the taste plus you are not taking in any extra, unwanted caffeine.

  4. Fruit. There are many fruit flavours available – I fact too many to mention here. But still, many first time vapers choose a fruit flavour to get started with as they are refreshing and offer a taste that is not toos trong to begin with.

However, each person is different and the flavour that you choose is a totally personal choice. Happy Vaping!

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