There Is Only One Thing I Don’t Like About the American Airlines App


There Is Only One Thing I Don’t Like About the American Airlines AppA while back a new app was introduced to iOS devices from American Airlines. It’s a very well done and tasteful app in my opinion. Most of the features of the app are expected, such as checking upcoming flight schedules, checking frequent flyer miles and even booking new flights. You get details like flight changes and Push notification for things like gate changes and departure times. It’s all pretty neat! But all the other apps out there offer these same features. What is different about the American Airlines app is how it allows you to do things like let you place yourself on an upgrade or standby list, watch your Elite status and even allow you to obtain an electronic boarding pass. Only native airlines can offer these perks. One added feature they included was an AA Sudoku game. That is something that will reach the public at a whole new level. Usually, any other company wouldn’t think to add a game to play in their app when businessmen and women have extra time to kill. It is for sure a great idea. If you forget where you parked your car on trips, the app allows you to take a picture of it to remind you. This application developer understands the way work travel is!

There Is Only One Thing I’m Not Crazy About

It’s a problem that can’t be fixed by American Airlines and it’s kind of an important issue. The app isn’t made through Delta airlines (just kidding), this application is superb! But in all honesty I don’t usually fly with American Airlines because I’m much more near to Delta Airlines. The last time I boarded an AA flight is a time I can’t even recall. Delta should have done one like it because it was so well planned out and executed. This is a great example of how a great application is done by an airline. Kudos to American Airlines hard work!

The app is FREE, so if you fly on a frequent basis, start downloading it now.

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