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Adobe Premiere CS3: A Closer insight


Adobe Premiere CS3

The Adobe Premiere CS3 is the latest video editing software. In comparison to older versions like Avid and Final Cut Pro, Adobe premiere CS3 has new additional features.

In consideration to other programs, Adobe premiere CS3 has much more to offer. For one seeking to acquire skills in video editing as well as other types of visual media it is a must have .Remember that it is also compatible with other brands like Flash, Photoshop and After Effects.

For those with a particular interest in more than one area of visual media they should look at In fact, investing in Adobe’s Creative Suite 3 Production Premium, which includes the latest versions of found in the market today. These versions include Flash and illustrator among a few others that are also readily available. It costs $1699 as compared to Final cut which is more expensive but has less features.

Premiere is most certainly rated abit lower than its counterparts which are Final Cut and Avid but it has many advantages that are satisfactory to an advanced editor. One major advantage of Premiere is that it is compatible to the other softwares of Adobe quite comfortably. Evidentally, the skills presented in Photoshop and Flash are on high demand in today’s market.

Premiere CS3 allows the user to have creative control. The editing interface can be custom-made, if it does not look presentable, and the timeline controls are very diverse..

Notably, the controls may seem confusing to a first time user, this may cause them to be a bit slower than the more advanced user who can easily go through all the controls with ease due to familiarity. It is vital to acknowledge the fact that even the more advanced users may end up a little bit confused because they is a lot that is hidden or rather not visible. If one is off track they can use the help section.

They are two very important components that work with Premiere. These are namely the Adobe OnLocation and the Encore. With the Adobe OnLocation one can record directly to the hard disk and it allows one to keep check of their footage in the process. The Encore is actually the Adobe’s DVD authoring software and can come up with the BLUuRay discs. The price range of Premiere and that of Avid and Final Cut is similar.

To sum it up, if your particular intention is staright forward professional editing then Avid or Final Cut would come along very highly recommended. You will realize that Premiere is not as strong in very many cases. It does not require one to combine with any other programs. Definatily, for big projects, investing in premiere will be without a doubt worth it.

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