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The year 2013 comes with great expectations as far as Internet marketing is concerned. Analysts predict, mobile, conversion rate optimisation, personalised search and rich snippets becoming increasingly important factors, but domain authority or brand still out in front in terms of importance. Here are some of the greatest Internet marketing trends that are expected to dominate the year 2013 based on their importance and compatibility with the product or service under promotion.

Mobile marketing

According to a recent study, the popularity of mobile marketing has increased by 35%. This is mainly because most consumers are now enjoying the benefits of shopping directly from their mobile devices compared to visiting offline stores. Smart phones make it easier to search and find various products, finding the right price and finally, buying the product. As an Internet marketer, you need to ensure that your website is ready for 2013 by optimising it to increase its compatibility with mobile phone devices, therefore making it easier for customers to buy your services and products wherever they are.

Social media

The importance of social media can never be overruled as far as Internet marketing is concerned. This system has been in use in 2012 and according to market analysts, its full potential perhaps even it’s peak, is set to be realised in 2013. Most people have not yet discovered the real potential of social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter as crucial marketing tools for 2013. Take advantage of social media to create content and set a specific date when it will be published depending on its relevance to the readers. Or create competitions and itegrate business profiles with mailchimp for more traditional “pull” marketing techniques. This is just one of the many marketing tactics that can be utilised through social media.

Website design

The study also revealed that most consumers normally prefer shopping from well-designed and managed websites. 2013 will be the year of conversion rate optimisation or CRO. A good example is the website designs of popular brands such as Apple Inc. In as much as Apple Inc. only sells technology-related products, its website is worth visiting even for people who are not interested in buying these products. A well managed and designed website is the crucial key for Internet marketing as you usher in the year 2013 with greater business resolutions.

Video marketing

This form of marketing has been common in 2012 but just like social media, most companies have not yet realised its full potential. So many people forget the SMS they read while others cannot even remember what they read in their local newspapers some few hours ago but when it comes to watching videos, most people normally keep the visual memories for months. You can always take advantage of this fact to draw your business closer to your customers by creating visual advertisements. If the video is of good quality, it will soon become viral, therefore creating more traffic to your business.

Email marketing and re-marketing

The importance of email marketing has been realised especially in the year 2012. However, most businesses make mistakes of abandoning their email alerts after a specified period, especially when the potential customers fail to respond. This is where the importance of email re-marketing is realised. According to a recent study, 26% of online consumers are always willing to find more information about a particular product or service after receiving frequent messages from the company. If email marketing failed to work for you in 2012, it is now time to embark on serious email re-marketing and you will reap the benefits in 2013.

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This article was written by Jennifer Dunbarton, at Octopus-ims. Jennifer enjoys blogging about Social, Blogging and Internet Marketing in Sussex. She can be found here on twitter.

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