Small Business SEO: Tips To Dominate The Search Results


Small Businesses and SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a necessity for every small business because Google makes it possible for a business no matter how small or well known to outrank leading and larger companies. In lieu of this fact, many small business owners distrust and discredit SEO. Many small business owners are failing to realize the value of search engine optimization for their business. The online marketplace is growing steadily and Google is almost every shoppers mode of transportation to the stores. With SEO even small businesses can get noticed and rank above competitors.
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Why It Is So Valuable

The internet has become the largest marketplace in the world and Google is the best way for small businesses to get noticed in the internet’s market. The phonebook used to be the way to find local businesses, but with the growth of technology the Yellow Pages has declined. No one has the time to lug around a huge phonebook and search through it’s thousands of pages to find a service, in the 21st century almost everyone has smartphones and computers that all use google. With the changing times every business needs search engine optimization especially small businesses. Without the use of SEO small businesses have no chance to get noticed above the leading businesses.

Tips For Small Business SEO

Even if your business is just starting off or way smaller than competitors you have a chance to outrank well known competitors. To start off you should brainstorm some search terms that you would want to rank for, but make sure the term is not too generic or it will be harder to rank for so try to optimize for more specific search terms. EX: it will be easier to rank for “Detroit window repair” compared to “window repair”. The more generic search terms will most likely have much higher competition to rank for but other search terms that could offer just as much business will work much better. It is much better to rank on the first page for a term that gets less searches than be on the second page of a common search term.

Make Sure Your Site Is Listed With Google Places

Begin by making a Google Places account with Google +.  Then “Add A New Listing” in the options menu. They will mail you information to your physical business location with a PIN to ensure the basic information you submit is complete and accurate.  You can also verify the PIN with a phone using SMS. It could take up to a week after verification for your new business listing to appear on Google. Once signed into your Google account, in the business information column on the left side of the screen, there will be an “Edit” button underneath your business’s basic listing information. Click the Edit button to make all of the proper adjustments. You can add and remove photos, manage reviews, and post a link to your website.

Written by P.J. Leimgruber with Virtual Web Productions, and Orlando SEO Company.

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