App Store Optimization (ASO) Is the New SEO for Mobile


Anyone familiar with online marketing knows how important SEO, or search engine optimization, is for promoting products and services online. Widely regarded as the new SEO for mobile, app store optimization refers to the process of developing app listings to improve their rankings in the App Store. Understanding ASO—and how it differs from traditional SEO—is crucial to giving your mobile app the best shot at succeeding online.

App Store Optimization (ASO) Is the New SEO for Mobile

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization refers to the various techniques used to affect a website’s position in the organic search listings. Along with altering the content of a website to include keywords and phrases used by searchers, SEO can involve link building, design improvements, title tag and meta data edits, and changes to enhance load speed. Because the majority of apps are sold in the App Store instead of on individual websites, developers must employ app store optimization techniques to improve their products’ rankings.

How Does ASO Compare to SEO?

While the concepts of ASO and SEO are similar, the data, tactics and methodologies are extremely different. Although both ranking methods rely heavily on keyword usage, the App Store limits keyword lists to a maximum of 100 characters. As a result, mobile app developers must be extremely selective when choosing keywords, avoiding longer-tail terms and those with a high Difficulty Score when starting out.

Additionally, app sellers should be sure to utilize real data when developing their keyword lists. While the Google Keyword Tool may be sufficient for search engine optimization, ASO requires users to target a mobile-specific set of terms, because app store search semantics differ from web search semantics. To reach the desired searchers, app developers should use tools that incorporate real mobile data and not data from the web. It’s also helpful to scan reviews of similar products to see what terms satisfied customers are using.

Of course, keywords aren’t the only factor affecting app search rankings. Just as Google uses an algorithm to determine website ratings, the App Store utilizes its own formula to rank mobile apps. Contacting an experienced ASO company like Gummicube is the best way to ensure your mobile app ranks well so you can reach your desired clientele online.

Contact Gummicube for App Store Optimization

Experts in app store optimization, Gummicube specializes in helping app developers connect with those searchers most likely to make a purchase. Contact Gummicube today for help optimizing your app, or check out our blog for the latest app optimization tips.

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