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Why Companies are Still Looking to Offshore Hosting


Offshore hosting has been a viable option for businesses for many years but why do so many companies look to use it. Well…  in truth there are many reasons and you only have to see the explosion in datacentre developments in recent months to see the demand. While security remains a key issue much has to be attributed to our changing planet.

With so much choice and little clarity on the subject it can be difficult for some businesses to find good providers. So today we are sharing some of our thoughts on the industry and why so many companies are still using offshore hosting.

Why Companies are Still Looking to Offshore Hosting

Regulations and Restrictions

Regulations and restrictions will often determine where a company decides to have its offshore hosting. A major reason why many companies prefer to have offshore hosting in a country like Switzerland is because of how tightly it restricts third party access. The US has an open policy, which makes privacy a concern for companies considering their offshore hosting options.

Some companies will find their hosting options limited if they are looking to host gambling sites, especially if they’re based in Asia. Because of these restrictions an Asian company will often need to seek a hosting company outside the Asian continent.


Some areas are more stable than others. The Middle East is an area of great wealth, but it’s also been an area of conflict for millennia. As a result, deciding to plump for offshore hosting in Europe will be the choice of many Middle East companies.

Extreme natural events also occur more frequently in some areas of the world more than others. The UK will rarely be affected by extreme weather events, but, conversely, The Caribbean’s infrastructure can regularly be badly affected by hurricanes.

The Best Outsourcing Facilities

Cost will always be a key factor for many companies, and this can involve companies in developing countries choosing offshore hosting in developed countries. This can be for a combination of reasons, including being of better quality, and offering greater security and privacy. On the other hand, some companies in developed countries will see being hosted in a developing country as a way of cutting costs.

The bottom line, though, will always be how good the offshore hosting is in relation to the cost. Cheap offshore hosting will not be worthwhile if it’s unreliable, has limited functions, and security and privacy are compromised. It’s also strongly advisable to only consider being hosted by a company that has a favourable reputation. Many Asian countries have a good reputation re providing reliable offshore hosting, as does The Netherlands, Cyprus and Panama.

Before undertaking an offshore hosting deal, companies should decide whether the service they pay for can be realistcally delivered. It can also be easy to overlook things such as time difference, and what happens if something goes wrong when it’s the middle of the night. Being able to communicate is something that also needs careful consideration. So though the price may be tempting, it may be more wise to have offshore hosting from a company that shares the same language, such as England and the US, Spain and Mexico, Portugal and Brazil, etc.

Type of Companies That Go Offshore

Companies looking to be hosted offline are looking to conceal their identity, and also want to remain invisible to the WHOIS database. Though some dubious companies will look to be hosted offshore, it is mostly legitimate companies who opt for this type of hosting.

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