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Tired of your friends complaining about endless messages, images and other “important” but nevertheless “bothersome” content on their mobiles? Well, Snapchat is the answer. Using this Android app, content – text, audio, and video – sent from your mobile appears only for a few moments — max 10 seconds — on the recipients’ screens before vanishing. What a wonderful, unobtrusive way to share that special moment with your family and friends, without bothering them, or overloading their inbox!


Photoshop Touch for Phone

Ever wished you had a laptop instead of a mobile because you’re unable to touch up that picture before sending it? Well, no more. Photoshop’s new Touch app for your Android phone provides all the regular features available with Adobe Photoshop, turning your phone into a competent image editor. This app enables you to play with your images: you can create and combine layers, apply various effects, and enhance your pics. What’s more, you can share these images with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter. A great app to have if you like your images to be just the way you want them to be!


Are you the doodling type? Then you must have MessageMe on your phone. MessageMe is an Android app that enables you to edit and send multimedia content such as m? usic, audio files, photos and videos – even sketches using the Doodles feature – over your mobile. A fun app that’ll bring out your creative best.


In today’s wired world, networking sites are the biggest draw. And Dubbler is the latest social networking kid on the block. Dubbler is an Android app for your mobile that enables you to modify and enhance the quality of your recordings using different images and filters. You can then share your “enhanced” personality with your family and friends over Facebook and Twitter. Wondering who else is using this app? Well, do the names Mac Miller, Common and Paris Hilton ring any bells? Time you joined the gang!

Splashtop Remote Desktop HD

This could well be the most utilitarian app to come out of the Android fold! Imagine being able to access your desktop’s files on your mobile while on the move! That’s what this amazing app does. Once you install SplashTop Streamer on your desktop and Splashtop Remote Desktop HD on your mobile, not only can you access Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and even Outlook files from your desktop on your Android device, you can also do other things like playing games on Facebook. This is by far the best thing to happen after Bluetooth!

Not only will these top 5 Android apps for your mobile make your device more hip, they’ll also add to its utility through some useful applications, and give you loads of edutainment when you have time on your hands.

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