2013 Link Building What Has Changed And From Where To Start


Most of the link building techniques has changes over the years nothing is the same in the SEO branch today as from years past. Some of the changes are because of the updates of the algorithms of the search engines but a big role have and the users and brands itself. As every business grows the needs and the rules grow too, the same rule goes and for the SEO branch.

So when we are going to start our new strategies for the upcoming year we should first take a look what has changes over the past and to decide from where to start with our new strategies for the new year. First of all the content, that we are building links for have changed a lot in the past years it was easy to rank a keyword for your customer with decent content by using various techniques to do that, nowadays it is something different. Search engines continue to fight with low quality sites and content and they are determined to go after them to the end. If you want to have good rankings in the search engines now you must put some effort to your work, you must think is your content will be useful for your readers are they are going to like it, to share it to mention it in the social networks. You must think what massage you are going to say to your audience, your content must be very well targeted and above all professionally done.

Quality and not quantity is the new concept
In the next year 2013 the key concept will be quality, everything you do must be done with quality there is no more room for sneaky techniques and back doors so that you will eventually hope to rank better in the search engines. Some of the crucial elements will also be your link profile from what sites you are going to take your links, do they have authority, is this sites most likely to have social interact with their users. Quality will be much more important that before taking links for example from four authentic pages will have a lot more impacts that building links from thousand spam blogs or directories. Google is more concern now about the quality and relevance not the quantity if you are in the food business try to reach out people in the restaurant business, people from food stores, relevance will take a big role in the new page rank.

Social Networks and their role
Social networks now have a big role when it comes to ranking. Search engines are fully aware now from social signals and they are putted in the ranking algorithms. So building up your social presence for you brand it crucial element if you want to stay on the top of the search engines, not to mention that is most likely that social networks in the near future will take maybe even bigger role in the raking factors. On the other hand with the fast growing new social networks like for example Pinterest which have monthly 12 000 000 approximately users, this is one great and natural way not event to build links but and to drive targeted traffic and audience to your brand and business. Interesting fact also is that in the past years users that was most likely to share your content was much more than now, to make them share it you must go for quality.

Key features to monitor in our new strategy
Some of the things you must not forget to check constantly in your new strategies in the upcoming year is first of all competitor research, you must know what is your competition in order to build successful campaign, your link profile since the last update of Google it is very important to monitor your links the last impacts was for EMD or exact match domain names that will not help you anymore in the rankings. In fact your links now must include a lot less exact match and commercial keywords some variations of long tail keywords and a lot more noise or actionable links like click here. Looking up for relevant and appropriate links for our website is something that we must do constantly, building up relevant links and encouraging social interaction with our audience will be crucial element. And other thing that we must check is links that have negative impact to our site. With the new Google web master tools like disavow links now is easy to do that, this tool give us option to remove the links that we don’t want in our link profile.

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