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Hewlett-Packard, or HP, provides one of the industry leading robust server technologies throughout the world. HP servers are highly competent and potent in nature, roughly anticipated to be fault tolerant. Despite their consistent services, HP servers intermittently experience data loss and server failure. There are quite a few HP server teams, available online or offline, which are focused towards HP server recovery, or diagnosing and recovering your top priority server data successfully and shortly as possible.

Evils of HP server: Possible dangers that may bring down an HP server entail:

* Server multiple hard disk drives failure
* Failure of RAID array of any level or RAID controller
* Server boot system failure
* Server logical failure or corruption due to infectious malware
* Failure due to human error
* Failure due to physical damage or server power outage
* Failure due to server overheating

Recovery techniques
There are two possible situations in which HP server recovery is performed.

1. Recovery of HP server for lost data
2. Recovery of HP server for hardware or software failure

RAID recovery technique
For HP server failure, experts recover data usually from RAID data recovery technology. Recovery largely depends upon the server’s RAID configuration. There exists wide variety of RAID level settings, but the default level used in HP server is RAID level 5, providing parity fault tolerance, as data is stored across the drives, storing parity bit against data stripes. Raid level 5 is used because in case of single disk failure server continues its functionality. HP itself provides recovery tools such as HP data protector that holds the features of forming automated backups, providing reconstruction of server data from these created backups in no time.

Use of recovery disks
For corrupted server software recovery, disks are also available for server configurations resetting. Recovery disks contains recovery programs when run on a computer attached with affected server, reboot your server into recovery mode.

Replacement of server hardware
If the server suffers from a hardware failure, simple solution is to replace the damaged parts with new one, performing factory resetting. But performing such restoration may often result in complete loss of server data and configurations.

If your problem in question is that you find no way to access your data from a crashed HP server, or your server is out of order and you are not well versed to deal with such serious server problem, you should contact HP experts, experienced and having full expertise in entire family of HP servers. They are proficient in using latest recovery gears to provide best HP recovery solutions in almost every plausible condition.

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