Why You Need Mobile Development Training?


Growth of Mobile Applications

As the growth of mobile applications explodes, so too does the demand for talented developers. While there are a number of software engineers with applicable skills, there are considerably less with the experience and know-how to work comfortably within the unique constraints of mobile development. Consider that in 2011,, a freelance website, saw a growth rate of 52% of web development job postings, twice as fast as the overall job market during the same time frame. As of March 2012, Apple had over 25 billion downloads of mobile apps and that number is consistently growing. This means that there is a huge untapped and growing market for talented software developers with the right kind of training.

One of Fastest growing Careers is Mobile Development

In fact, mobile development was one of the fastest growing careers in the IT industry in 2012 and are on track to keep up this pace for the foreseeable future. To obtain work, however, one must be committed to keeping up to date on software training for mobile development. The most sought after software engineers are those with a robust background that covers the range of common core languages and environments found on the most used mobile platforms. Though Android and iOS run the market at present, many companies seek talented individuals who are comfortable fluidly moving between multiple core languages and environments to develop applications that work on a wide range of devices. For the talented mobile application developer, the average expected salary is $94,000 annually and can go higher for those with solid experience in the most sought after platforms.

All About Trends

This is a career that is all about trends. Mobile apps are by their nature rapidly changing. The technology backing them, the ideas of the clients having them developed, and the consumer needs driving their requirements change at lightning speed. So professionals in this industry must have a forward thinking outlook. A few of the most important trends include cross-platform development, mobile commerce applications, and object recognition. While cross-platform development tools are still imperfect, they will help developers keep pace much more effectively while cutting the costs associated with developing applications for multiple platforms simultaneously. Further, cross-platform development tools prevent mobile platforms being ignored in favor of focusing on one particular platform, thereby increasing distribution potential. Mobile commerce is steadily gaining traction with consumers, as confidence about mobile security grows and more major vendors integrate technology to allow its use both online and in brick and mortar stores. Object recognition is also gaining more ground as the technology advances to utilize it. An astounding array of potential exists within object recognition mobile development that has only begun to be tapped. It leaves a lot of room for creative software developers.

Mobile Training

Simply put, mobile training is an excellent decision for software developers who are looking to branch out in their career. There is tremendous potential for growth and considerably less solid competition than in related fields. The fluid growth of mobile technology ensures lots of opportunity for intriguing challenges and out-of-the-box solutions.

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