Enter The 21st Century With The Ultimate Portable Photo Booth


A photo booth is a particular type of software application that can take photos and videos with an iSight camera. The particular technology is being widely used all over the world particularly in the US for parties as well as other events. The basic advantage about this technology is that it allows you to easily set up a booth, take it down and operate without any fuss. With photography witnessing a radical change over the last few years and digital photography becoming more of a norm than anything else, photo booth rentals have become more popular. Editing photos and adding special effects is rather easier now and that is why the concept of a portable photo booth has become so popular in the 21st century. Another advantage of opting for portable photo booth is that there are no more situations where a film has to be developed and then given to the customer. Photographs are now received in seconds and delivered to the concerned person.
The silver lining:
Photo booths are easy to use and have the ability to make photography much easier. Moreover, while some of the photo booths require manual assistance for operating, most of them do not require any kind of help and can be used by any individual. The process can be as simpler as just choosing the right settings, posing for the click and then waiting for them to develop. What’s more, these photo booths have even reduced the timing factor, making the waiting process much shorter.

The guests also have the option of saving the photos in a digital archive if they wish to. Of course they can even print high-quality photographs from the booth itself. The options for storing, editing and sharing them via e-mail or through various social media websites is also available. A customer can then print them anytime they wish to.

Using digital photo wall and green screen technology
Another technology that has the ability to enhance the performance of photography is the use of digital photo wall. It can be added to the backdrop of the photograph which uses green screen technology.

Now what is green screen technology? It is a type of screen where people have to stand in front of the screen and the images are super-imposed on them to create an illusion of one unified scene where the person seems to be actually there in the surroundings that have been projected.

This is not a brand new concept. However, with the advancement in technology over the last few years it has come to create flawless results. It has the added advantage of allowing people to add background to the photo with the help of digital paint.

One can easily add customised messages or artwork with the help of digital paint technology which is pretty much like a graffiti wall minus the art supplies which also provides the option of correcting any mistakes that might have been made.

At the end thus it can be said that with technology innovations happening almost everyday nothing can be called the ultimate. However, photo booth and digital photo are two such things that have the ability to transform photography altogether.

Duke Johnson is an avid blogger and author of this guest post. He likes to write about creativity in the field of photography and loves the concept of photo flipbook which looks like a video book when viewed.

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