Making Sure That Your Are Playing On A Secure Site: What You Need To Know


The dawn of the internet has made shopping, banking, and conducting other financial transactions online very convenient. And although there have been many improvements in internet security, you still want to make sure that your transactions are safe.

Making Sure That Your Are Playing On A Secure Site: What You Need To KnowIf you love online gaming, you can be sure that your connection at Vegas Palms Casino is secure. This popular gaming site uses the indomitable Microgaming software to ensure all transactions are safe. Microgaming has developed a reputation in the industry for the safety and security of their software as well as the large number of games that they provide operators. This ensures that no matter your favorite game, whether it be poker, blackjack, or slots, you will be able to find an outlet that perfectly suits your fancy and you can have peace of mind while playing as well.

Interested in learning more? Keep reading for more information that will help make sure that you are playing online on a secured site.

Nowadays, more people are using the internet than ever before. In fact, it’s estimated that well over 200 million US citizens have bought at least one thing online — and that’s just one country!. The problem is that although your new laptop is just a click away, so are cyber thieves. Thus, to ensure your safety, it’s important that you take note of the following tips:

** Keep an eye out for certain symbols

HTTPS: Sites whose address starts with this, versus the regular ‘HTTP.’ use encryption to protect your information

Making Sure That Your Are Playing On A Secure Site: What You Need To Know

Locked Padlock: This symbol is found in the address bar of many browsers and this lets you know that the website that you are gaming on is operating in a secure more. If the padlock is absent or unlocked, then the safety of the website has not been verified.

Green address bar: This indicates that the site has an Extended Validation Digital Certificate, which is yet another way to let you know that a website is protected

** Be wary of public Wi-Fi connections

Because of the exploding popularity of smartphones and tablets, we can now work or play online no matter where we are. Regardless if you are at a sporting event, conference, airport, or coffee shop, public Wi-Fi networks are available. But, are they safe?

Unsecured public Wi-Fi connections are a hackers dream. In fact, these types of connections make it quite easy for bad guys to read your emails as well as any important information that you may enter. Thus, if you must connect to public Wi-Fi, it’s important that you take the necessary steps to keep your device and all your information safe. They include:

Turn off sharing Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) Stay away from information-sensitive sites Make sure you log out Use multi-factor authentication Keep your PC or mobile device from connecting to hotspots automatically

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